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Yes, It Matters What Kind Of Toothpaste You Buy

All-around oral care is important, too.

Women are often very meticulous and discerning when buying anything for themselves or for the home. Before purchasing an item, you go online to check product reviews, or ask for recommendations in trusted social media groups, or even read up on experts’ insights about the product.

There are, however, a couple of essential items in your grocery list that you do not always give this kind of thoughtful inquiry. Case in point: toothpaste.

You all know that oral care is important not just for your hygiene but also for your health. And the products you use — such as toothpaste — play an indispensable role in your oral care. But are you taking the time to consider the kind of toothpaste you use? Or are you purchasing the same product over and over because it’s the kind you grew up with?

Here are three things you should look for when buying toothpaste:

1. Your toothpaste needs to have fluoride.

Fluoride is a mineral often called “nature’s cavity fighter.” It helps strengthen and rebuild the tooth enamel, or the outer layer of the tooth, that is weakened by the acids in the mouth. Without fluoride, your teeth will be more vulnerable to decay and cavities.

Fluoride can be found in water and oral care products like toothpaste. However, not all toothpaste brands have fluoride, so check the label of the product you’re getting.

2. It should address plaque and bacteria.

Contrary to popular belief, sugar doesn’t directly cause tooth decay. However, it facilitates the creation of plaque, a sticky film that contains acid-producing bacteria that weaken the tooth enamel.

These bacteria feed on the carbs and sugary food or drink you consume. When plaque isn’t removed regularly by brushing, the bacteria remain on the teeth longer, giving them time to create the acid that attacks the tooth enamel.

What’s worse, plaque can harden into tartar, which often forms around the gum line. This leads to gingivitis, a precursor to more serious gum diseases.

Make sure to look for a toothpaste that not only addresses plaque but also has anti-bacterial properties.

3. It should help clean the mouth and, thus, make the breath fresh.

Toothpaste has two essential cleansing ingredients: mild abrasive and detergent. It may sound a little weird since you can’t imagine putting stuff like these in your mouths, but these are necessary for cleaning the teeth.

According to the American Dental Association, the mild abrasive, when used with your toothbrush, helps remove tiny bits of debris from the teeth. It also helps lift superficial teeth stains.

On the other hand, the detergent creates the foam when you brush your teeth with toothpaste. This helps distribute the product around the mouth. Both of these ingredients help clean the mouth, which then contributes to fresh breath.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, make sure to remember these factors when choosing toothpaste. Go for a product that offers you all-around oral care for all-around freshness, such as the new closeup All Around Fresh!

This product from closeup takes care of your important oral care needs so you can achieve all-around oral care that leads to truly fresh breath. It works in five ways: The new closeup All Around Fresh cleans deeply, lifts plaque, fights cavities, protects against bacteria, and refreshes the mouth. It also comes in two minty flavors: Soothing Menthol and Cooling Mint. 

The new closeup All Around Fresh is also endorsed by the Philippine Dental Association.

When choosing oral hygiene products, the care you give when buying personal care products or food items should be the same. When it comes to toothpaste, remember to choose one that provides you with all-around oral care for all-around freshness!

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