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  • 6 Best Vitamins Moms Need to Keep Their Pregnancy, Bones, and More Healthy

    Is taking care of yourself in your new year's resolutions?
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
6 Best Vitamins Moms Need to Keep Their Pregnancy, Bones, and More Healthy
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  • The Christmas festivities must have left many of us exhausted, sleep-deprived, and drained (as if that wasn't already the case). But because a lot of people depend on us (a.k.a., our children), days off are a luxury we can't always afford. Our suggestion: take a short break (or as long as circumstances will allow), recharge, and refuel!

    And because our daily food intake is not enough to provide all the nutrients our bodies need, don't hesitate from getting a little help from food supplements. Here are some of the most essential vitamins your body needs.

    Calcium for bone health

    Surprise health benefit: Weight management

    Did you know that women are four times more susceptible to osteoporosis than men? According to Healthline, when you're not getting enough calcium from your diet, your body will get from your reserves — in your bones and teeth, making them brittle. Typically, you start to lose bone mass beginning in your 30s. But calcium does more than keep your bones and teeth healthy. It also regulates muscle contractions, keeps your weight in check (a study shows a low calcium intake is associated with a high body fat percentage) and prevents colon cancer.  

    If your body does not get enough calcium, it will get from your reserves, causing your bones and teeth to become brittle!

    Try: Nutrilite Cal Mag D, Php1,255 for a bottle of 250 tablets, available at Amway Philippines

    Omega 3 for heart health

    Surprise health benefit: may help reduce the risk of premature birth 

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    You can get it from consuming large amounts of fish in your diet, specifically mackerel, salmon, and sardines, but if that is not enough, you can supplement with fish oil capsules. Omega 3 fatty acids can lower triglyceride levels, helping prevent heart disease and stroke; they also lower inflammation, relieve joint pains and help improve the symptoms of depression. When consumed by pregnant or nursing moms, the DHA in fish oil is also said to improve brain development in babies, but seek your doctor's opinion beforehand.

    The body cannot produce its own supply of Omega 3, which are healthy fats we need.

    Try: VPharma Atlantic Delights Salmon Omega-3 chewable capsules, Php2,200 for 30 capsules of 500 mg each, available at The Parenting Emporium

    Folic acid for baby's development

    Surprise health benefit: helps prevent anemia

    Pregnant women are always advised to take folic acid as a supplement to help in the healthy development of the baby while in the womb and prevent brain and spine deficiency. However, even when you're not planning to get pregnant, it's still necessary to have folate in your diet. It aids in cell development and helps regenerate red blood cells to prevent folate-deficiency anemia.


    Prevent anemia by getting your daily supply of folic acid.

    Try: Watsons Generics Folic Acid + B-12, available at Watsons branches nationwide

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    Fiber for a regular bowel movement

    Surprise health benefit: controls blood sugar levels

    Fiber is probably one of the most underrated vitamins. While it is known mainly to prevent constipation, fiber also provides a host of other health benefits. Fiber can help control blood sugar levels, reduce your risk of heart disease and help prevent colorectal cancer, among others. Whole grain cereals, granola bars, nuts, and dried fruits are good sources of fiber.

    Flushing out toxins from your body regularly will help you live longer!

    Try: Santé Barley Pure capsules, Php2,470 per bottle of 180 capsules of 500 mg each, available through Santé independent distributors.

    B vitamins for energy

    Surprise health benefit: improves metabolism

    The B-complex vitamins are referred to as energizers — you need them to keep you at your best as you try to accomplish your daily tasks, whether that's waking up early to prepare your kids for school, tackling complex tasks at work or keeping to your exercise routine. Cobalamin (B12) helps your metabolism, niacin (B3) lowers cholesterol levels, and thiamin (B1) prevents complications of the nervous system.

    Though technically a multivitamin, this brand's Vitamin B-complex content is enough for your daily needs.

    Try: GNC Women's Ultra Mega tablets, Php2,300 for 90 tablets, available at GNC branches

    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to protect from free radicals

    Surprise health benefit: may improve fertility

    Because we're exposed to oxidative damage due to stress every day, our bodies need something to counteract them to prevent chronic diseases. Research shows that Coenzyme 10 (CoQ10) acts as an antioxidant, protecting our organs from free radicals, among other health benefits. Particularly interesting for women may be its ability to improve the appearance of wrinkles and keep the skin looking young, and a possible role in preserving the quality and quantity of the egg cells.

    Say hello to healthier skin with CoQ10!

    Try: GNC CoQ-10 softgels, available at GNC branches

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