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  • WATCH: This Unilab Mini Movie Is A Sweet Tribute to All Moms

    Because you take care of your family like no one else does.
  • As parents, we all want our children to find their calling, to reach their dreams, and to be successful in life. It's hard to see them taking the falls they need to experience, knowing that they need to experience these hardships but wanting to protect them from whatever can hurt them. And when they start growing up, start taking their own falls, start making their own decisions, there is a tendency of distance between parent and child to grow as they transition into adulthood.

    Watching the child you have carried in your womb for several months take their first steps towards finding out who they are is always both a source of pride and nostalgia. Because you have seen this person transition from kid to teenager to adult and you watched them become their own person, you cannot help but look back to the times when they would constantly cling to you and ask for your attention. You cannot help but be terrified for the first time they let go of your hand to run on their own, to worry when they close themselves off.

    Children have a tendency to bottle up their feelings if they know that their parents would be worried, but parents have their own private battles as they face their children every day. And it is not all shouting matches and strict discipline, for love and concern for children can be shown in various ways.

    Unilab recently released a short film that highlights the quiet struggles of a mother as she consistently tries to reach out to her son. Mom is the silent pillar of support, a gentle hand on a shoulder, and a comforting embrace. The road to their mutual acceptance of who they are was not easy, but it strikes a chord of familiarity with the reality they portray. How the son may be different, but also how he found how to express himself in spite and despite how rocky the path was for him. And how at his destination, he came back to his constants: his passion, his reason for living, and his mother's unwavering love and support that his mother has unconditionally given him through the years.

    Throughout the years, his mother is there for every failure, every strike of frustrated teenage rebellion, every body ache and tired sigh. And yet, even faced with her son's rejection, she is still the epitome of patience and understanding, of love in its purest, most unselfish form. No matter how many times her son pushes her away, she pushes back with the same amount of love and acceptance. Children cannot choose their parents, and parents cannot choose their children. But this child chose what kind of person they want to be, and this mother chose to be the support her son needs, in all the ways he did not know he needed her to be.

    With this tribute to the mothers, in all the forms and meanings of the word, the message is simple. Despite the many difficulties and circumstances, Unilab aims to show how limitless and encompassing a mother's love for her child can be. They are the unsung heroes of many a story, the light that is content in standing in the shadows of their children's success. Being a part of the narrative of how mothers provide unconditional nurturing for their families by caring for the healthcare needs of its members is a place of honor. And in every step of the way, Unilab is privileged and gratified to be a partner in this selfless act of love.

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