• 3 Ways to Help Fuel Up Your Kid for School Days
    Make sure he's getting enough energy!
  • School can leave your child feeling tired, sluggish, and worn out. With his daily academic routine involving a mix of interactive and experiential activities, his energy tends to get drained. A tired child might rather sleep all his free time away instead of working on his assignments or spending quality time with family. So what's a concerned mom to do?

    Here are three ways you can easily help fuel your child with energy to keep him able-bodied and alert: through fitness, fun, and food. It won't be long until you see your little one soar through school with flying colors and a lot of energy to spare.


    Regularly involving your child in outdoor activities helps improve his stamina*. These activities can range from simple exercises such as inviting him to your morning or nightly walk or jog, or opting to always use stairs instead of escalators or elevators when possible, to actual sports such as swimming and football. 

    You can also introduce your kids to strength and flexibility training (sit-ups, pullups, push-ups, jump rope, stretching, biking, etc.), as it would also improve their focus and concentration.**  

    Get them to appreciate and follow a fitness routine this early so they will give importance to physical health as they grow older. Also, having increased endurance and stamina will help them stay awake, alert and focused throughout long and packed school hours.

    But remember: Monkey see, monkey do! If your kid sees you follow a fitness routine faithfully, they are more than likely to follow your example. Here's to a fitter kiddo and you! 


    Reviewers and assignments can be such a drag for your kid especially if they're plenty and all due on the same day. Your child's productivity and enthusiasm might quickly nosedive into a standstill induced by boredom. So how do you get their hamster wheels oiled and turning again? The answer: brain breaks.

    Brain breaks have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. These are quick, physical activities inserted between extended periods of mental exertion that help kids shake their "twitches" off and re-energize them well enough to focus completely on the next learning activity. Listed below are some examples of brain breaks that you can incorporate in your next study session:***

    "Eye Spy"

    1. Call out a color or other trait (example: something round or something made out of wood).
    2. Your child then must find an object in the room that fits the trait and must move to it as quickly as possible.

    "Indian Voodoo"

    1. Hold your right ear with your left hand, and then hold your nose with your right hand.
    2. Quickly switch so that you are now holding your left ear with your right hand and your nose with your left hand.
    3. Speed up the transitions (without hurting yourselves) and see how fast you and your child can go for the next two minutes.

    "Lobster Net"

    1. Have your child face you.
    2. Have him repeatedly press his left index finger on your right palm.
    3. Count down: "3-2-1, Snatch!"
    4. Try to snatch (catch) your child’s finger before he can pull it away.
    5. Swap roles after if you wish.

    Who says homework can't be fun? 


    A more fuss-free (and frequent!) way you can get your child well-geared for the demands of the school day ahead is by preparing a whole grain-filled breakfast for him. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates and essential nutrients such as iron and B vitamins that help keep the body pumping with energy. The high amounts of fiber in whole grains slow down the release of sugar in his blood stream. This stabilizes the release of energy in his body, making his body feel less tired as he powers through his day. Whole grains truly do sound like the best thing since sliced bread, don't they?

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