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This Stroller Practice Is Dangerous in Intense Summer Heat
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  • Baby strollers allow us to conveniently and safely transport our little ones. It is especially a must when traveling. But, beware, you may have stroller habits that you didn't know could be a safety and health hazard to your baby. Here are three ones you need avoid:

    1. You cover the stroller with a blanket to shield your baby from the sun. 
    According to Swedish researchers, covering the stroller even with a thin cloth could create a furnace-like effect and cause the temperature in the stroller to rise rapidly to a dangerous level. A Swedish newspaperSvenska Dagbladetconducted an experiment, and it found out that the temperature in a stroller covered just with a thin cloth for an hour could rise to 37 degree Celsius. (The temperature inside the a stroller left out in the heat was 22 degrees Celsius, according to its experiment.) That temperature can put young children at risk for overheating and even heatstroke. So, when you and your baby are out in the sun, it is better to keep your baby in the shade for sun protection.

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    2. You hang bags on stroller handles.
    When you hang your bag on stroller handles it can put too much weight on the back of the stroller, causing it to tip. A study of injuries caused by strollers and carriers (both worn and basket-type varieties) in the U.S., between 1990 and 2010, found out that 361,000 children aged 5 years and younger were treated in hospital emergency rooms for stroller- or carrier-related injuries. A child falling from the stroller (67 percent) and tripping over the stroller (9 percent) were the most common reasons for the injuries.  

    3. You and your baby in the stroller take the escalator.
    In 2006, Pediatrics studied escalator injuries from 1990-2002 and concluded there was a “disproportionate amount of escalator-related injuries in children who were younger than 5 years of age.” At least 51 percent of injuries were falling, and 36.5 percent were ''entrapment" (such as a hand caught on the side). In the under 5 age group, the hand was the most common body part injured due to escalator accidents, according to Pediatrics. There were also lacerations, and some were severe enough to cause amputation. Some malls have signages that indicate “no stroller” -- don't ignore and find a way to take the elevator instead. 

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