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  • 3 Important Developmental Milestones for Big Kids

    Is your kid hitting his “big kid firsts” on schedule?
  • Whether it's for her panganay, bunso, middle or only child, any mom would only want the very best for her beloved little one—even if he isn't so little anymore! There always seems to be a lot to figure out when your 6-9 year-old starts showing signs that he is ready for the big world. It is only natural to feel worried about the safety and risks of letting your child out to the real world, but with sufficient preparation, these changes should not be a problem but a new phase to look forward to with delight.

    Let us clue you in on the most common "big kid firsts" that your child (and you!) should prepare for to make sure he is not missing out on the first few milestones of his early life. 

    Big kid first #1: Graduating to the "big kid" playground

    Small kids look forward to the day they would be tall and strong enough to try the "off limits" features in the playground such as the big swing and the scary-looking but exciting big slide. Same goes for learning how to swim and riding his very own bike. Other important developmental signs is when your child has developed his fine and gross motor skills to throw a ball. He would also be most likely to get along with other kids in the playground and be more willing to interact with other people.

    Big kid first #2: Moving up to big school!

    Preschool graduation is a proud moment for parents and an exciting time for kids. Adjustment is in order for both kids and mom alike.

    Big school means dealing with new faces and more spacious grounds that could easily overwhelm a kid. The usual issues such as bullying should also be properly addressed and prepared for. Moms will not always be there to protect their kids, but they could teach them how to protect and take care of themselves. You know your child is ready to go to big school when he is able to sit still for a long period of time, he can handle his emotions and he can manage conflict nicely.

    Dr. Cely Magpantay, a clinical psychologist at the St. Luke's, advises moms to teach their kids to spot the common signs of bullying. First, let kids handle the situation by telling the bully to stop or walking away. The important thing is to avoid provoking anger. If the bullying persists and worsens, that's when the kid should report the situation to the teacher or adult.

    Big kid first #3: Taking a bath all by himself

    Preschool-age kids would start to insist on taking a bath on their own. Compromise by letting him wash easy-to-reach body parts but leaving the back and creases for you to clean. Show him how to properly do it so that by the age of 5 or 6, he will be able to wash his entire body on his own under adult supervision. The use of bathtub could wait until he's older.

    It is important to note that as your kid transitions from a bundle of joy to a ball of energy, baby soap just won't cut it anymore. "Big kids need a hygiene product update as their needs and lifestyle change," shares Gian Yap, Safeguard Brand Manager.

    Whether in the playground, park, pool or new school, big kids will inevitably be exposed to uwanted elements, including germs. Turn to a trusted soap brand known to fight 99.9% germs but with a formulation that’s just right for the big kids' gentle skin. You also need to make sure the product you choose can provide unbeatable germ protection while keeping your child's skin moisturized.

    Dermatologist Dr. Coreen Capuyoc points out that an adult's skin is thicker but also dryer. On the contrary, a kid's skin is thinner and thus more prone to losing moisture [Trans Epidermal Water Loss] that can be prevented by using a soap that's effective but gentle to the skin. 

    Safeguard Body Wash's Germ Shield technology creates a shield of protection that kills germs and protects your kid's skin's natural germ barrier – therefore protecting it from future germ infection. Its abundant lather and clean, fresh scent will also make bath time fun for kids, too! 

    As your little one starts to explore the world on his own, you may feel a bit worried that you won't be there every step of the way. But being far from him as he goes through these big kid firsts and more, doesn't mean you won't be able to protect him. Get the protection that your big kid needs and deserves with Safeguard Body Wash.


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