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  • 4 Facts On Fever Every Parent Should Know

    Read on to find out how to better manage your child"s fever.
  • Do you know what “fever” truly means, especially to a child?Here are four facts on fever that every parent must know:


    1. Fever is not an illness; it is a symptom. 

    When a child gets infected by a virus or bacteria, her body’s immune system signals it to react and manifests itself as high body temperature or a fever. Chemical mediators called cytokines trigger the rise in body heat.

    During the rainy season, one of the most likely culprits for a child to experience fever could be the Dengue virus.

    Dengue is a highly fatal sickness affecting Filipinos from the months of June to September. Victims are usually children from 1 to 10 years old. In 2013 alone, a staggering 180,000 Dengue cases were recorded in the Philippines.

    Thus, Calpol has begun an initiative to educate Filipinos about Dengue and its fatal effects, especially to children. Calpol’s Dengue Community Caravan aims to educate parents and children on how to prevent the spread of Dengue, its dangers, how to manage it, and what measures can be done if it does strike. 


    One of the Community Caravan’s projects is to educate and instill in parents how important it is to consult and seek medical treatment from a doctor when it comes to a child suspected of having been inflicted by the Dengue virus. Till then, the doctor may prescribe Paracetamol for your child, as an effective first line of defense.

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    Paracetamol in Calpol is prescribed to Dengue patients instead of aspirin or ibuprofen. Medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen are known to make bleeding worse in afflicted children. World Health Organization recommends Paracetamol as its first line of defense.

    2. High temperature does not equal a sicker child. 

    If you monitor your child’s body heat and it’s off the charts, don’t panic. The number you see on your thermometer may be affected by different factors from time of day, the child’s activities, and even the clothing she’s wearing. Just know that a child’s normal temperature is about 36 degrees Celsius. If it reaches 38 degrees Celsius or higher, it’s time to consult a doctor.


    If indeed your child’s fever lasts up to 3 days with skin flushing, gum bleeding, nausea, and loss of appetite, this could be caused by Dengue. When these symptoms occur, seek medical attention immediately. After careful evaluation, a doctor will prescribe necessary medication, including Paracetamol. 

    3. Rest is best. 

    You have to let your child stay indoors and limit movement as possible. Better to have your sick child stay in bed and sleep. Get your child comfy and stay with her to help allay her fears and attend to her needs. She may ask for a glass of water or orange juice, a bedtime story, or a hug.

    Rest helps a child’s body to recover and if she feels relief, rest will come to her easily. Nothing works faster on fever than Doctor-recommended Calpol. It provides effective, suitable soothing relief you can rely on. “Ginhawang Maaasahan” is the topmost need a mother would want to provide to her child with fever.


    When a child is made to feel safe and secure through a mother’s love and the medicine she’s given, rest is inevitable and all the more reason for her to soon get better.


    4. Give medication that’s truly effective.

    You have to admit, children find it hard to swallow medicine especially if it helps in relieving fever. With Calpol, your child will have two kid-friendly flavors to choose from, Orange and Strawberry, making it easier to give and take medicine for both mother and child. Also, nothing works faster on fever than doctor-recommended Calpol. It’s fever medicine that is Bilis Ginhawa na Maaasahan.

    If your child is suspected to have Dengue fever, according to the World Health Organization, see your medical healthcare professional immediately for appropriate medical advice and treatment.

    Calpol is a Filipino mom’s and doctors’ trusted and preferred brand in providing fast fever and pain relief among children. With the WHO, doctors, and moms’ stamps of approval on the Paracetamol in Calpol, what’s more to ask for?


    A child with fever brings anxiety to parents but worrying is less if they know what fever is all about, what may cause it, how to care for a child, and which medicine to give will help in providing suitable, effective soothing relief. Because after all, parents will agree that when fever is gone, life takes its place!


    To get to know more on how to best care for a child with fever, visit Calpol’s official website and like their Facebook page.

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