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4 Priorities On A Mom's Shopping List At This Drugstore And Personal Care Store

Whether your child is an infant, a toddler, or a preschooler, you need to take note of these things!

Health is more important than ever. Many moms are taking extra steps to make sure their kids—whether they’re babies, toddlers, or preschoolers—are clean and nourished in different ways.

An important part is by teaching children to wash their hands frequently. Some also make it a point to disinfect anything that goes inside the house. Others look for different kinds of food that help boost kids’ immunity

Keep in mind that having the right personal care items and home essentials can help you keep your family clean and healthy. Check out the following picks from Watsons that can help moms take better care of their kids:

1. Extra protection for your little one’s skin

If you’re taking care of a baby, you’re likely to know that their skin is thinner and more sensitive. Make sure to use gentle and moisturizing cleansers, such as mild and pH-balanced bath products. The fewer harsh ingredients, the better. Watsons Milk Baby Bath and Johnson’s Cottontouch Top-to-Toe Bath are good options that fit the bill.

If your baby’s skin feels dry after a bath, it’s a good time to moisturize. Again, mild products work best to avoid irritation. Cetaphil Baby Advanced Protection Cream and Dove Baby Lotion may help protect your little one’s skin.

2. Easy ways to clean any messes

While many moms clean their homes often, one can never really predict when a kid makes a mess or needs freshening up—be it during a diaper change, while eating, or after playing indoors.

Keeping a pack of baby wipes accessible goes a long way, especially if the mess is on your child’s skin. For cases like these, wipes enriched with moisturizers, such as Babyflo Baby Wipes, help avoid dryness. Plus, these come in mild scents like lavender and vanilla.

3. More balance for kids’ diets

Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle play vital roles in building the foundations for your child’s health. Many moms with preschoolers past the breastfeeding stage often turn to growing-up milk drinks to supplement their kids’ diets with essential nutrients like calcium and zinc, as well as help boost immunity with various vitamins and minerals.

Finding the right one for your child usually involves trial and error, but many choose brands such as Bonakid Pre-School 3+ and Similac GainSchool Four.

4. First-aid remedies for emergencies

Giving children medicine can be tricky, given that giving too much or too little of it can have serious side effects on their health. It’s always best to consult your doctor about any serious symptoms like a cold or a fever.

In the meantime, letting your kids get plenty of bed rest and drink lots of clear fluids like water is essential. If they have a fever, help bring their temperatures down with a cold towel and fever patches. Bye Bye Fever Patches has variants for both babies and children that are still gentle on the skin.

Keeping your child clean and healthy is easy if you’re ready and equipped to handle any situation. Moms can find the products mentioned in this article and more essentials they may need from Watsons.

Watsons has a wide assortment of health and personal care products made for moms, babies, and kids. The pharmacy and personal care store has over 700 accessible branches you can safely shop at nationwide, and even more options to help you get everything you need: You can also shop online and avail of their Call & Delivery service.

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