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  • 4 Ways to Soothe Your Child When Fever Strikes

    Speed up your child's recovery by providing your signature care with these Ginhawa remedies.
  • Fever is a child's number one enemy and a mother's greatest worry. Thankfully, moms are naturally equipped with the know-how and skills to nurse their little ones.  But while on the road to recovery, moms also need to distract their kids from the discomfort brought by fever. With proper care and a bit of creativity from mom, kids can forget feeling ill and be well on their way to perfect health.



    Heed these four tips, so your little one can feel better faster.


    1. Cook with love and serve with comfort.

    Feeding your child can become an even more daunting task while he's sick, no thanks to the lack of appetite caused by fever. To ensure proper nutrition, moms need to whip up meals that are more appetizing to their kids. Balancing a child's nutritional needs and mealtime favorites, along with colorful presentation, can bring back even the most feverish child's appetite.


    2. Tell creative stories and play fun games. 

    Moms can entertain their children with bedtime stories and games that will tickle their imagination. Make your little one the main character in an exciting adventure story, so he will want to recover faster. You can also play fun games like I Spy or charades even though he's stuck in bed. Such activities will bring your child a sense of normalcy.


    3. Never underestimate the power of touch.

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    A mother's touch can brighten up even the gloomiest of days. Shower your child with hugs, kisses, and encouraging words to let him know you're always looking out for him. During bedtime, don't forget to cuddle up, read a story, and sing a lullaby. An extra dose of TLC will go a long way!


    4. Turn to Calpol for fever-soothing relief, which is Ginhawa na Maaasahan.

    Give your child doctor-recommended Calpol to provide fast soothing fever relief. Nothing works faster than the paracetamol in Calpol, so you can be sure of your child's quick recovery. Note, however, that should your child's fever persist after three days of medication, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. With Calpol, Ibalik ang ginhawa, ibalik ang sigla.

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