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4 Ways to Tell If Your Child Has Energy Gap

4 out of 5 kids suffer from energy gap - could your child be one of them? Here are the signs, and what you can do about it now.


Your child used to be a giant ball of energy, and now you've noticed that he's changing - his energy level seems to be going down. While you might think that it might be a one-time thing, it could be more serious. Your child could be suffering from energy gap, a condition where the amount of calories that your child is getting isn't enough to keep him healthy and energized for what he needs to do daily.

What are the other signs and symptoms of energy gap?

His energy is not enough to complete simple tasks

If your child finds it too exhausting to accomplish easy chores like throwing out the garbage or helping around the house, it could be that his energy is too low. Children who suffer from energy gap do have the energy, but it is not enough to allow him to accomplish tasks that can easily be done by other kids his age.

He finds it difficult to concentrate.

When you call him, do you get his attention right away? If he's unable to work on his tasks or play for a period of time, it might be a sign that he lacks the strength and focus to finish what he's doing.

He may not be very willing to try new things as well - or concentrate on the tasks at hand like homework or house chores.

He complains about feeling tired a lot

Is he laging pagod, even if he hasn't been too active or moving about all day? Or would he rather stay in bed when the afternoon rolls around, rather than find something to be busy with or play with?

His movements seem slower. If your child is literally dragging his feet around the house, and he's not suffering from fever or any sickness, it could be that he's feeling sluggish and lacking the energy to be involved in anything.

He's irritable and cranky

Unless he's feeling unwell, getting easily upset or grouchy may be a sign that he needs more rest or good food to keep up with his day. He might also be feeling very restless because of random head or tummy aches.

If your child is showing any of these signs, check if he's getting the right amount of calories from good, nutritious sources.

You also need to remember that what he has for breakfast will make or break his day. Start his day right by providing him with a good balance of protein, fruits, veggies, carbohydrates and a nutritious beverage like MILO. Carbohydrates provide energy for both physical and mental activities that your child will deal with through the day.

Help beat the energy gap by serving him a glass of MILO everyday, together with 3 balanced meals. MILO is a nutritious drink made of PROTOMALT, milk and cocoa. It is an energy source to help fuel his physical and mental activities. It also contains vitamins and minerals to help the body utilize this energy and promote muscle function.





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