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  • 5 Common Misconceptions About Eczema

    Get to know your child’s skin condition better so you know exactly what to do.
  • Many of your friends and family have the best intentions when they are providing parenting advice in matters such as your child's risks for eczema.

    While they mean well, some of these pieces of advice are not that accurate. As a mother, you draw wisdom from other people and arm yourself with the empowering knowledge that is free from hype or misconceptions.

    Separate fact from fiction with these common misconceptions about eczema and know how to handle it more effectively.

    Misconception 1: Eczema is contagious

    Assure other moms that their children will not get eczema by playing with your child. The problem does not transfer itself by touching and is governed by different factors altogether. Isolating your child does not help him develop confidence and social skills, especially if he or she is already suffering from an irritating condition such as eczema.

    Misconception 2: Eczema can be cured

    Eczema is a recurring skin condition that can be managed but it can't be completely cured. Some kids may outgrow it on their own, but there isn’t any medication to date that can cure eczema.

    Misconception 3: Eczema is caused by poor hygiene

    The truth is, your child might be taking multiple baths in a day and still end up having eczema. It is not just something entirely within your control. Other external factors such as pollution exposure (a given in an urban setting) while on the way to school or public places and genes play a large role in developing eczema in kids.

    Misconception 4: The best way to have your kid help manage eczema is order him not to scratch it

    Telling your kid not to scratch the eczema will only make him or her scratch it when you are not around. This will make it worse and you will not be able to supervise your treatment for the eczema. The best way is to really reduce the risks of scratching by treating it with a medicated cream or oitment like mometasone furoate (Elica), which will help relieve the itchiness with visible results in 24 hours.

    Misconception 5: All natural eczema remedies are much better than chemical ones

    A recent study in Baylor College of Medicine in Texas revealed that some natural products for managing eczema can even cause allergies to children's skin instead of making the eczema go away. While it works for some, it's not a surefire guarantee. It's better to trust Elica which has been clinically proven to help relieve symptoms of eczema (itchiness, redness, swelling), with visible results in 24 hoursTo learn more about managing eczema, click here or share your experience on Facebook.





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