• 5 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Could Trigger Eczema
    If you know the common causes, it will be easier to prevent itchy flare-ups.

  • It's absolutely normal for your kids to develop a rash every once in a while. This could be caused by a mild irritation or an allergic reaction that can be treated with anti-allergy medication – or in most cases, the rash goes away on its own. On the one hand, when the rash persists it could be more than common irritation. Your child may have eczema.

    Itchy inflamed rashes that come and go characterize eczema, or atopic dermatitis. There is no known definite cause for this condition, but experts believe it is the immune system's overactive response to irritants. It is typically seen inareas of the body like the back of the knees, neck, elbows, wrists and eyelids. Here are a couple of the most common things that could cause itchy flare-ups.

    Food allergens

    The most common foods that trigger eczema include eggs, nuts, seeds, dairy, soy products and wheat. If you've noticed that your child’s rash comes out after some scrambled eggs or cheese, best to bring him to the doctor for some tests. His diet might be triggering eczema.

    Soaps and laundry detergents

    Some detergents have too much harsh chemicals in them that can irritate your child's skin. Opt for natural alternatives instead. You also need to make sure that you rinse your child's clothes properly so you get rid of any residue chemicals from the detergent. Household cleansers may also have strong chemicals so it's best to use natural-based and fragrance-free cleaners instead.

    Animal dander

    Your child's beloved pet may be one of the reasons he's itching all over. Keep your pets outside and if you must let them in, keep them off the sofa and the bedrooms. Limit your child's contact with them as well and make sure you clean up after them as much as you can. Encourage your kids to wash their hands after touching the pets. It is also important that you take your pets to the groomers and bathe them regularly.

    Dust mites

    Dust is another overlooked eczema trigger. Vacuum your house regularly to prevent any buildup of mites. You may also want to get rid of carpets, rugs or any old pillows lying around. Wash your kid's linens once every week and clean his room daily. Make cleaning fun by turning it into a game or letting your child earn some extra money by asking him to tidy his room up on his own.


    For some kids, heat and humidity can cause eczema flare-ups because of sweating - particularly during the Summer months. Sweat is largely made up of water and minerals and the sodium in it dries out the skin which in turn causes irritation. To prevent sweat-related itch, make sure your child wears clothes made from light cotton materials. It's also important to dress him in thin layers and to take a layer of clothing off before any physical activity. Kids can also experience itchy episodes during bedtime. To make sure he gets uninterrupted sleep, use soft cotton and silk sheets. It's also important that your child has a towel available all the time. You can also use moisturizers to protect your child's skin in advance, in case he can't avoid strenous activities that will make him sweat. You can also give him cooling towels or cold compression wraps.

    If eczema flare-ups still persist, restore healthy skin and relieve itchiness, redness and swelling with doctor-recommended remedies like Mometasone Furoate or Elica – with visible results in 24 hours. Read more about eczema treatment here.









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