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  • 6 Simple But Effective Ways to Keep Your Active Child Germ-free

    Protect your MVP from microscopic opponents.
  • There has been a long-standing war between mommies and germs. After all, your child's risk of suffering from stomach bugs and food poisoning, to name a few, is no joke.

    However, you cannot keep your child from having healthy outdoor experiences and his share of fun just because of fear of germs. Here are some simple but practical ways to ensure a germ-free routine for your active kid.

    Promote frequent hand washing

    Make hand washing a fun and rewarding activity. Ask him to sing the happy birthday song so that your child will know the proper length of washing hands in the sink. Whenever possible, train your child to wash his hands during crucial moments: after potty, after playing outdoors, and before and after meals.

    Disinfect and bleach toys regularly

    Have a set schedule to use a disinfectant product and bleach for toys like weekly or twice a month. If there are special days like playdates where other kids will come in contact or share your child's toys, disinfect the toys immediately after the playdate.

    Use wet wipes on potentially virus-laden surfaces

    Got a sick family member who kept touching the remote control that your child also uses? Contact surfaces like these have a high risk of housing germs and they need frequent cleaning using wet wipes or a clean cloth sprayed with alcohol. You can also use a clean cloth with warm water and a mild solution compatible to the surface.

    Have extra clean clothes for your child

    Hygiene is important especially after your kid has worked up a sweat after playing outdoors or doing some other activity. Extra clean clothes are a godsend in these instances.

    Mind your kitchen habits

    The way you handle your child's food is also crucial for a germ-free life. Make sure you wipe down surfaces, wash your hands after touching poultry and use different cutting boards for meat, fish, fruits, and veggies.

    Bring a handy antiseptic product for your little one's outdoor activities

    The list of outdoor and dirty activities are exhaustive and include cleaning baby diapers, picking up the gunk in the sink, handling rails in the groceries, using public restrooms, and playing sports activities. A trusty antiseptic like Biogenic Alcohol kills bacteria, disinfects, cleans, and moisturizes in case hand washing with soap is not entirely possible or accessible.

    On the other extreme end of the spectrum, some mommies and daddies may find themselves too worried about germs or become germophobic. Balance is still key. Don't get too hung up on the germs that you lose sight of the fun stuff. But use Biogenic Alcohol and other good products if you have to, when you have to.

    Got any more tips on how to keep your active child safe from germs? Share them here!


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