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  • WATCH: This Kid-Friendly Video Just Might Encourage Your Children To Eat Healthy

    Don't know how to talk to your child about proper nutrition? This just might help!
WATCH: This Kid-Friendly Video Just Might Encourage Your Children To Eat Healthy
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  • Food battles” are something most parents go through with their kids. That’s because picky-eating behavior usually peaks right after infanthood when children start to develop their own food preferences.

    Your child’s “favorite” food changes constantly. There may be days when they will eat only one type of food — or maybe even refuse to eat altogether!

    As parents, you can’t help but be concerned when kids become choosy in what they eat — especially when it happens during their formative years. After all, in the first five years of your children’s life, nutrition plays an important role in their growth and development. This stage could very well set the tone for their health in the future.

    A nutritious and balanced diet helps kids reach their full growth potential, but how can moms encourage their kids to eat right? While it’s tempting to bribe kids with treats and candies, creating an informed and healthy relationship with food may be a better and long-lasting solution so that kids grow up to be inclined toward healthy eating.

    The PediaSure Plus Growth Watch Modules can help you start the conversation. The modules are a series of short, animated, and kid-friendly videos that discuss the importance of optimal growth in kids and effective ways to achieve it.

    These are part of the PediaSure Plus Growth Watch campaign, which advocates for informative dialogues between parents and kids so that they can work together to understand growth concerns, identify their risks, and adopt effective approaches so that children can achieve optimal growth.

    The best part, these videos are very easy to follow so both kids and parents can watch and learn together.

    The second episode teaches kids about a balanced diet, why it’s important, and the different food groups that are part of a balanced meal. It also touches on unhealthy food and ends with a food challenge that kids can do to practice what they’ve learned!

    Make sure you watch it with your children:

    As a way to gauge your child’s understanding of the lessons discussed in the video, how about having a short discussion with him or her after? Here are some questions to get you started.

    1. What is a balanced diet? Why is it important to help you grow?

    2. What are the different food groups and can you describe what they do?

    3. Should we eat just one or two types of food all the time? Why?

    4. Can you give examples of unhealthy food? Why should we avoid them?

    5. What healthy snacks can we replace them with?

    By asking these questions, not only can you assess what your kids picked up from the video, but you are also encouraging them to ask their own questions, relate their own experiences, and talk to you openly about their eating habits.

    Kids can be impressionable while they’re young, so, future-proof them by instilling the importance of good eating habits right from a young age!

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    You may also try the PediaSure Plus Growth Watch AR Filter and Child Height Predictor. For more information, visit pediasure.com.ph. Call the Abbott Nutrition hotline for free nutrition counseling at 8995-1555, or message Alagang Abbott on Facebook.


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