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  • Breathing Made Easy: Battle Respiratory Illnesses With The Help Of A Home Nebulizer

    It can help provide relief to family members with asthma and chronic lung diseases.
Breathing Made Easy: Battle Respiratory Illnesses With The Help Of A Home Nebulizer
  • Icel Ragudo’s son has been dealing with asthma since he was 4 years old. “The first thing that came to my mind upon learning that he has a potentially life-threatening disease is if he will be able to enjoy his childhood,” shares Icel in her Instagram page, The Momma Writes

    Asthma, the most common chronic disease among children, remains a worldwide health problem and affects 14 percent of children globally. In the Philippines, more than 6 million Filipino children are asthmatic. Other lung diseases such as acute upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis (TB) continue to be a health concern not just to affected individuals, but to their families as well.

    Strengthening the immune system, avoiding irritants such as strong odors, and living in a home where no one is smoking can help prevent respiratory concerns. Regularly sanitizing the house to remove allergens also helps. 

    As the pandemic makes hospital trips riskier, particularly for children, moms like Icel who live with asthma patients or kids dealing with recurring respiratory health issues need to make sure they take measures to manage triggers and attacks at home.

    Icel found a device that helps her care for her son and ensures he gets immediate relief for any breathing difficulties without having to leave their home. With the help of a home nebulizer, Icel has peace of mind knowing she has a healthcare device that is immediately accessible to her son.

    Relief and medication that come handy

    In the medical community, home nebulizers are seen as rescue medication for those who suffer from asthma and chronic lung diseases because they provide immediate relief, says Dr. Anjanette De Leon, head of the Pediatric Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Department at the Lung Center of the Philippines. 

    “This is most relevant for families with members who have recurring or uncontrolled respiratory health problems,” she adds.

    This is true for Icel and her son, who has been using a nebulizer since age 5

    “Having a nebulizer at home enables us to have accessible, immediate relief for my son’s asthma episodes, which often happen without warning,” Icel shares. “It saves me from midnight panics and visits to the doctor.”

    Acting as the first line of rescue and comfort, home nebulizers can help relieve a child’s distress almost immediately and can help prevent severe attacks. By serving as a pathway for the administration of medication, home nebulizers can remedy life-threatening attacks quickly while awaiting additional professional care.

    Home nebulizers are designed to deliver liquid medications to the body through the lungs. Powered by electricity, the device turns the liquid into fine droplets, creating a mist that is easier for kids to inhale while also treating upper and lower airway respiratory conditions. This results in immediate relief soon after inhalation. 

    Taking medications through home nebulizers also allows children to feel the effects of oral medications, but at a lower dosage. For younger kids having difficulty using inhalers, home nebulizers serve as a good alternative because they do not require cumbersome coordination.

    Breathe freely with OMRON

    OMRON Healthcare, a manufacturer of health equipment for home and medical uses, has an array of simple and reliable nebulizer technologies crafted with OMRON’s advanced design and engineering to help moms provide quick, precise relief to their kids’ breathing difficulties whenever they need it. 

    The CompAir® C801 Nebulizer and CompAir® C28 Nebulizer both feature OMRON’s own Virtual Valve Technology, which coupled with the powerful compressor, helps optimize drug availability upon inhalation and helps reduce drug wastage during exhalation.

    Both can also deliver particles as small as 3µ MMAD, allowing them to reach lower airways for effective nebulization. 

    Moms with asthmatic babies can benefit from CompAir® C801’s low noise level, while those with children that need frequent and intensive use will find CompAir® C28 to be the ideal choice.

    Icel’s son, now 14, has been living his life to the fullest even with mild attacks every once in a while. As an OMRON nebulizer user, Icel can attest to how the device has helped her son have healthier lungs and continue enjoying his childhood.

    “We’ve been using nebulizers for almost 10 years now,” says Icel. “My son approves the OMRON nebulizer and I can also see how it delivers easy and efficient home nebulization experience for him—truly a rescue medication."

    OMRON nebulizers are available in all leading drugstores and appliance and specialty stores nationwide. OMRON is also available online on its official Lazada and Shopee stores. Stay tuned as OMRON will be launching a new line of home nebulizers soon. 

    For more information, visit OMRON’s official website and Facebook.

    Dr. Anjanette De Leon is not connected with OMRON and is no way promoting or endorsing the brand and its products.

This article is sponsored by OMRON.