• Can You Ensure Your Newborn is Safe from Life-Threatening Disorders? This Simple Test Can.
    Listen up, moms-to-be. If you aren't familiar with metabolic disorders yet, now's the time to be informed. Find out more about these rare but dangerous disorders below.
  • Moms' biggest worry
    A mom's number one concern will always be their child's health and well-being. During pregnancy, moms adjust their lifestyle, change their diet, load up on vitamins, and take extra care of their bodies to give their child the best chance at a happy, healthy life. And as your child grows older, so does your list of concerns. Is he growing the way he should? Will this milk help him grow stronger? Will this vitamin protect him from the latest virus?

    Parents tend to look outward for solutions, when the real key may lie inside your child's bodyspecifically, his metabolism. Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions in the body needed to maintain vital life activities like immunity, body growth, and brain development. These chemical reactions are made possible by enzymes that act as catalysts to regulate the reactions.

    Newborns may sometimes inherit metabolic disorders, which are usually caused by a lack of certain enzymes, resulting in a buildup of toxic substances or a deficiency of substances essential to infant health. Though metabolic disorders are rare, if left untreated, they can cause serious developmental issues, and may even be fatal for your child.

    Knowing early is half the battle
    The good news for moms? Many of these diseases can be intervened through early detection and treatment. One way to detect these disorders in infants is through Metascreen™. Metascreen™ is a comprehensive screening program that uses non-invasive urine testing to provide timely and accurate detection of more than 100 metabolic disorders.

    Why Metascreen?
    Compared to blood, urine has a higher concentration of detectable metabolites, making it an ideal sample for detection. This makes Metascreen's urine test a safe, effective, and painless way to test for metabolic disorders.

    Your baby's urine sample is then tested using a US FDA-approved GC-MS platform, coupled with Metascreen's own Planar Diagnostic Tool, a combination that produces highly specific and definitive results.

    The GC-MS platform enables Metascreen to detect more metabolic disorders than other testing platforms. Results are made available in just a couple of weeks, enabling you to seek treatment for your child as soon as he needs it.

    How it works
    The procedure is simple, and only requires that you fully soak a Metascreen-provided filter paper with your baby's urine by placing it at the front-inside part of his diaper. The sample is then air-dried, sealed, and picked up by Metascreen for processing.

    Find out how to get your own Metascreen collection kit from Cordlife Medical Phils. Inc. at (02) 470-1735 or 332-1888 or click here. You may also e-mail them at metascreen@ph.cordlife.com. For more details, you can also check out www.metascreen.ph.

    Easy, right? And it could just save your newborn's life. Take it from these celebrity moms:



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