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  • Kaya Mo ‘Yan, Mommy! 5 Tips To Properly Care For Your Child's Dry And Delicate Skin, No Matter Their Age

    Pay extra attention to products that come in direct contact with their skin!
Kaya Mo ‘Yan, Mommy! 5 Tips To Properly Care For Your Child's Dry And Delicate Skin, No Matter Their Age
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  • Just like adults, children need to have their skin well taken care of. But because their skin is sensitive and delicate, using the same products as the rest of the family won’t always do.

    Be extra discerning when it comes to the products that come in contact with their skin, from topical products like lotions and bathtime essentials to the clothes that help protect them from the elements.

    Here’s how you can give your children’s skin the TLC it deserves:

    1. Make your kids drink enough water.

    Did you know that children’s skin loses moisture more quickly? Fortunately, you can do one simple thing to help prevent this from happening: have them drink lots of water.

    Specifically, that means two to eight ounces of clean and safe drinking water per day for babies 6 to 12 months old, about 11 to 19 ounces for children between 1 and 3 years old, and at least five glasses for those between 3 and 12 years old.

    By doing so, not only do they reap the many health benefits of water we’re already familiar with, but also make their skin more resilient and keep it from becoming dry, tight, flaky, and wrinkly.

    2. Moisturize your child’s skin.

    You can also apply a moisturizer or lotion that’s non-sticky and fast-absorbing directly on children’s skin to keep it supple. It’s essential to do this within two minutes after showering or bathing for better absorption. Make sure to choose one that’s formulated for children’s or babies’ skin!

    3. Opt for clothing made of fabrics that are gentle on skin.

    The choice of fabrics for their clothes, swaddle, blankets, and bedding matters, too. To ensure comfort and avoid irritation, pick those that are soft, lightweight, and breathable like cotton, bamboo rayon, and fleece.

    4. Protect a child’s skin from the sun.

    Sun protection is vital, even for kids! Before any sun exposure, apply one ounce (that’s about a handful) of “broad spectrum,” water-resistant sunscreen per child on all exposed areas to protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause sunburn, premature skin aging, and wrinkled skin. Do reapply at least once every two hours.

    5. Use products that are mild and free of harsh ingredients.

    Of course, to keep your child clean and smelling good, have them take warm baths or showers every day. Frequent washing and bathing help kill germs that can cause illnesses, such as COVID-19.

    For their bathroom or shower products, choose those that are mild and fragrance-free, like the Watsons Baby range. These bathtime essentials are specially formulated for kids and babies, dermatologically tested, and free from harsh ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, soap, silicone, colorant, and isothiazolinone.

    This way, you are assured that even if you have to bathe the kids more often in a day, their delicate skin won't be irritated and stripped of its natural moisture because you are using products suited for their delicate skin.

    Start by washing your children’s hair. Go for Watsons Fun N’ Fresh Kids Shampoo (SRP PHP149) to help neutralize the smell of sweat through the Aromaguard Malodour Counteractant Technology. You can also try Watsons Gentle Baby Shampoo (SRP PHP249), which contains olive oil to help nourish hair and wheat germ extract to help make it soft and shiny.

    Then, cleanse their bodies with the Watsons Gentle Baby Bath (SRP PHP299), which is formulated with vitamin E for gentle cleansing at a skin-friendly pH level. Alternatively, pick the Watsons Sweet Dreams Baby Bath (SRP PHP299) that contains natural lavender oil and vitamin E, and is suitable for sensitive skin.

    Get the Watsons Gentle Baby Shampoo, Watsons Gentle Baby Bath, and Watsons Sweet Dreams Baby Bath at Buy One Take One! Find these products and other kid-friendly essentials at a Watsons store near you or online at www.watsons.com.ph. You may also order these via the Watsons’ Call and Delivery service.

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