• Here’s What a Kid's Regular Afternoon Looks Like Today
    Once class ends, that's when their day REALLY gets started.
  • The kids of today are busier than ever! With so many different activities that fill up the hours after school, your child needs all the energy he can get to make it through the day. Take a look at your child's after-school activities:



    Homework doesn't just entail going over the day's lessons. Oftentimes, your child has to do additional research or tap his artsy side for a project, and this can take up many after-school hours. It also requires lots of energy, brain power, and creativity from your child. 

    Tutorials and enrichment classes

    Whether it's to catch up or get ahead of the pack, many kids today spend their afternoons in tutorial sessions or enrichment classes. Since these sessions go on top of the regular homework that the teachers assign, your child gets a little extra mental exercise after school. 

    Training and rehearsals

    When your child takes up a sport, plays an instrument, or joins a school production, training and rehearsals take up a big chunk of time in their day. These extra-curricular activities require your child to be physically fit, mentally focused, and even emotionally invested, as coaches and mentors will always encourage them to practice with all their heart. 


    Of course, your child will also want to have fun after the bell rings. He may want to stay in school a little longer to play with his classmates, or he'll go out with the neighbors once you get home. One thing is for sure: All the running around can be draining at the end of the day. 

    Game time

    While a lot of kids are discovering video and mobile games these days, it's also important for kids to learn and explore different kinds of sports, even after gym time at school. A game of basketball, volleyball, or Frisbee not only instills a sense of discipline and camaraderie in your kid, it also requires focus and strategic thinking. If your child plays with passion, he will surely need all the energy he can get to stay in tip top shape for his favorite game. 

    Afternoon snack

    The day isn’t complete without an afternoon snack. This is the perfect time for your child to recharge and replenish his energy. When eaten at the right time and in the right portions, snacks can be beneficial in controlling your child's hunger spikes and providing the energy-boost he needs for other after-school activities. Offering the healthy snack foods throughout the day can also help in making sure they get the necessary nutrients they need everyday. 

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