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  • Infant Eczema: What To Expect and How To Deal With It

    Plus some tips to help your baby sleep despite bouts of the itch.
  • What is infant eczema?

    Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. It's a skin rash that may be found on babies' cheeks or scalp. The rashes can feel itchy for babies, and it can cause wounds that may get infected if scratched.

    How do children get eczema?

    There is no known cause but the tendency to develop it may be inherited, especially if it runs in the family. Hot weather, low humidity, exposure to harsh detergents and cosmetics may also cause eczema to flare up.

    How do you deal with it?

    1. Observe and check your baby's skin

    Eczema often appears on the scalp and on the cheeks of babies. However, older children would likely have the rashes on body folds like the neck, the elbow creases and the back of the knees.

    2. Bathe and moisturize baby's skin

    When you bathe your baby, make sure you do not use harsh soaps and shampoos. Use lukewarm water and avoid rubbing your baby's skin with a towel. Pat your baby's skin dry and use a gentle moisturizer.

    3. Consult with your pediatrician or a dermatologist

    If you find the redness and rashes on your baby is causing great discomfort and itchiness, visit the pedia/derma as soon as possible.

    4. Help your baby sleep better

    Eczema can feel really itchy, and your baby might stay up or wake up during sleep time because of the discomfort. Make your baby wear mittens and keep nails as short as possible. It's also best to apply a generous amount of moisturizer before bed, so your baby can sleep through the night. Applying mometasone furoate (Elica), before bed can also help lessen the itchiness, redness, and swelling, with visible results after 24 hours. Elica stops the itching, takes out the redness, and eases inflammation to help bring back smooth, healthy skin.

    Learn more at www.treateczema.ph, or share some of your own tips on how to deal with infant eczema here!




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