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  • Mom Shares a Simple Hack to Get Her Baby to Take His Medicine

    It's hard to get babies to take their meds in without a fuss. Add this hack to your arsenal.
    by Rachel Perez .
Mom Shares a Simple Hack to Get Her Baby to Take His Medicine
PHOTO BY Helena Lee/Facebook
  • "I'd rather get sick than my child." It's a sentiment that all mothers share. It's hard to see your kid sick, even if it's just a runny nose, cough, or fever. And if his illness requires doctor-prescribed medicine, you know the day just got tougher because making sure he takes it is easier said than done

    There are a lot of tips to get a child to take his medication like opt for sweet-flavored meds and keep them cold. Who here has never resorted to squirting the dropper in the inside cheek of the child while you pinch his nose, so he's forced to swallow? At some point, all moms have done it or else the syrup ends up everywhere except inside your child's mouth. 

    And the struggle is real for babies and toddlers. Helena Lee from the U.K. had been at her wits' end with her eight-week-old son, Alfie, who had a fever.

    "I'd tried giving him little bits at a time, squirting it all in at once, tried in the middle of feeds, I even tried a spoon, but he just gagged or spat it out at me," Helena told Manchester Evening News. She tried every trick up her sleeve especially those that worked on her 4-year-old son Harrison, but they were useless on Alfie. She was frustrated because he wasn't getting a full dose, and his temperature was not subsiding.

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    Then, Helena remembered seeing a hack on the Internet. The three photos she posted on Facebook showed a syringe, filled with her baby's paracetamol, nestled inside the nipple of a baby bottle. According to Helena, she slowly pushed the syringe as Alfie sucked on the nipple! Helena was surprised it worked so well for her baby. "Not [one] bit got wasted and no tears," she wrote.  


    Helena's post has now been shared nearly 122,000 times and has gotten 51,000 comments and 44,000 reactions. Most of them couldn't believe how simple and effective it was. 

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    Other moms suggested their tricks. One was a modified version of the hack, one without a syringe as illustrated by British-Indian blogger and mom of two, Harps Kaur.


    One mom pointed out the hack didn't work for her daughter because she quickly figured out it was not milk. Clever girl!

    It may or may not work for your child, but file this away with other parenting hacks just in case. Remember: When giving medication to children, spoons are not recommended since it does not provide an exact dosage measurement. Plus, giving the wrong dosage to babies can quickly lead to poisoning

    [h/t: The Huffington Post]

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