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  • Mommy Alert: What You Need To Know If Your Child's Bakuna Has Been Delayed

    Your questions about delayed immunization, answered!
Mommy Alert: What You Need To Know If Your Child's Bakuna Has Been Delayed
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  • Our children’s immunization schedule is but one of the many things this global health crisis has disrupted. As parents, we all understand how important it is to boost our kids’ immune system, and vaccines have been proven to help protect children from various serious diseases.

    Are you thinking of catching up on your child’s vaccines but don’t know where to start? Here are the answers — straight from the experts — to your frequently asked questions about delayed vaccines.

    Can I take my child to any health facility that administers vaccines?

    The short answer is no. It’s not advisable that you and your child visit just any clinic or hospital during this time.

    First, make sure you contact and consult your pediatrician regarding your child’s missed vaccinations. He or she will guide you on what to do and schedule visits to the appropriate clinic or health facility.

    Experts recommend that doctors and other healthcare providers direct parents and their kids to clinics or facilities that do not admit COVID-19 patients. If there is no alternative location to go to, discuss with your pediatrician a catch-up vaccination plan for your child.

    What is a catch-up plan?

    If your child missed their vaccinations, your pediatrician would create a catch-up vaccine schedule custom-made to your child’s age and needs. This schedule is specific to each child, so you must consult your doctor about it.

    It will really help if you took note of the dates when your child got their vaccines before the quarantine started as your doctor would need to maintain an accurate record of your child’s immunization.

    What the catch-up plan does is ensure that your child gets the appropriate doses of the vaccines within the recommended age. According to experts, there are serious risks when kids aren't vaccinated on time.

    Will my child need to restart his vaccination if he missed a dose?

    Generally speaking, your child doesn’t need to start over or be given additional doses for any vaccine, even when there’s a huge gap between them. Still, the next dose should be administered at the earliest time possible.

    Are there vaccines that should be prioritized, especially during this time?

    Experts say that the primary immunization series and vaccines that target “epidemic-prone” diseases — measles, polio, diphtheria, and influenza — should be completed. They also recommend getting the pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines.

    What should I take note of if my child has been scheduled for vaccination by the pediatrician?

    During this time, it’s also vital that people minimize the risk of spreading diseases outside the house. This means you need to make sure you and your child are both well and not experiencing fever, cough, colds, diarrhea, and other flu-like illnesses.

    Also, you and your child should not have been exposed to positive or even suspected COVID-19 cases 14 days before your scheduled visit. Keep in mind that you must be honest about this. We all need to be responsible for each other.

    (More guidelines about preparing for delayed vaccination can be read here.)

    Any more helpful tips?

    Continue practicing COVID-19 health protocols, especially if going out of the house. These include frequent and proper handwashing, wearing face masks, observing correct physical distancing, etc.

    Moms and dads, let’s keep in mind that serious yet preventable diseases do not “go away” even when there’s a crisis going on. Vaccines remain essential to our and our children’s health. Remember, ang i-una, bakuna.

    For more information, consult your doctor.

    The information displayed on this web page is intended for the Philippine audience only and is not designed to replace your healthcare professional’s advice.


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