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  • Mommy, When It Comes To Your Baby, You're The Boss

    Make sure you're informed about the importance of vaccines when it comes to your baby's health.
Mommy, When It Comes To Your Baby, You're The Boss
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  • While it may be true that it takes a village to raise a child, there is one person who will ultimately make the final decision — you.

    Well-meaning family members, friends, and even strangers on social media may — and will — give their two cents about how you’re raising your baby. But what really matters is what you, as the parent and the primary caregiver, believe in and choose to do.

    Keeping your baby safe in these challenging times can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. And most moms, if not all, are in the same situation you’re in.

    New moms may ask: What if online information is our only resource? Does our lack of experience put our baby at risk? How do we stay in control when everyone seems to know it all except us?

    There’s no shame in asking for help. This is how you’ll stay informed and educated, after all. However, with the rise of fake news, having a watchful eye is a must whenever you go online.

    Staying in control

    In a world where misinformation spreads like a real virus, you may find yourself worried about the content you consume. You may even question your instincts.

    Take the current concerns about breastfeeding, for instance. While some sources say it’s not safe to breastfeed babies during this time, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health tell you otherwise — giving your baby breast milk now is more crucial than ever.

    The same goes for immunization.

    Diseases are unpredictable; nobody really knows when these will come. What moms know is they need to keep their babies safe and healthy all year round. And this is where you call the shots.

    With the help of vaccination, parents can protect their babies from serious illnesses and complications from diseases such as measles, mumps, German measles, chickenpox, diphtheria, polio, and diarrhea caused by rotavirus, to name a few.

    It's not just COVID-19 you should be concerned about; you need to prevent these other diseases from infecting your children. Parents should do what they can to protect their kids from getting sick in the middle of a pandemic. Fortunately, vaccines are already available for these other diseases as everyone waits for the one for COVID-19.

    According to the WHO, immunization prevents 2 million to 3 million deaths every year. And to date, vaccines have prevented more than 20 life-threatening diseases.

    Staying informed

    Equipping yourself with fact-based information and being vigilant online can take you a step closer to becoming better parents. It helps you make sound decisions for your entire family, particularly for your baby.

    To stay informed about the importance of immunization in your baby’s health, one resource you can follow is Call The Shots PH on Facebook.

    It features an awareness campaign that aims to educate expectant parents about vaccine-preventable diseases and empower them to make the right decisions for their children’s health.

    Call The Shots PH provides bite-sized informative content such as news, tips, and other vital vaccination details. It also has free webinars featuring doctors and public health authorities so that parents can get fact-based advice straight from the experts.

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