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  • The Nutrients Your Child Needs For Growth and Development

    According to a doctor, nutrients like arginine and vitamin K2 should be regularly included in your child’s meal
The Nutrients Your Child Needs For Growth and Development
  • Genes aren’t the only thing that affects a child’s growth. Nutrition also plays a massive part. This is why pediatricians and health experts have always recommended that we give our kids a balanced, nutritious, and diversified diet.

    But feeding kids is generally not easy nor straightforward. Children can be picky, or pihikan, when it comes to the food they eat. As parents, we need to figure out effective feeding strategies to ensure our children are getting the right amount of nutrients their bodies need to grow and develop.

    In this Growth 101 Sessions episode, presented by PediaSure Plus, Dr. Jun Dimaano, Abbott Nutrition’s area medical director for the Asia Pacific, joins hosts and moms Riki Flores-Reyes and Niña Corpuz to discuss some of these strategies.

    He also introduces two essential nutrients that help support growth — arginine and natural vitamin K2 — that many parents may not be familiar with. While these nutrients can be found in food, they may not be common in a child’s regular diet.

    The PediaSure Plus Growth 101 Sessions aims to help moms determine how they can help their children achieve their full growth potential.

    Know more about how PediaSure Plus can help support your children’s growth by visiting the Pediasure Plus website and following Abbott Nutrition on Facebook.

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