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  • Parent Review: Dove for Dry Skin

    Mom and contributor, Lorela Sandoval, was worried about her son’s dry, flaky skin. She shares how she’s stuck by her choice recommended by her derma.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Some kinds of soap just don’t feel right. My son Tarko began to use Dove, the original white soap bar variant in particular, when he was around six months old since his dry skin started to be more noticeable around this time.
    With his previous experience from other soaps, his body—particularly his back—felt rough, dry, and flaky. I noticed how the skin on his back slightly peeled off, too, in some instances. I could just imagine how uncomfortable it was for him during those times! His dermatologist advised me to try out Dove, and so I’ve stuck to it until now—because it simply works for my son.
    Since there were cases when Dove white soap would run out of stock in our grocery store, I even got into the habit of stocking up my own hoard of soap bars so we never run out. We’ve tried different brands that guarantee to moisturize my son’s dry skin yet failed to provide it. Dove was definitely the best soap for him.
    Dove is available at all local grocery stores.
    Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only, and not medical advice. Always consult your physician when dealing with any types of skin issues.

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