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  • Protect Your Kid’s Gut Health And Development This Christmas

    Save their digestive system during the holiday rush
Protect Your Kid’s Gut Health And Development This Christmas
  • As parents, it is important to create lasting memories with your children. Their first birthday, their first day of school, their first Christmas—all these firsts and succeeding celebrations can potentially be memorable. However, as kids stay up a little later, go out a lot more, and even join all kinds of holiday celebrations, not all memories might be worth remembering if they spend this time down with the flu or suffering from a bad case of diarrhea.

    With Christmas festivities fast approaching, Erceflora Kiddie, the leading doctor recommended probiotic supplement in the Philippines, shares some advice on how to help protect your kids’ health and development for an enjoyable and memorable holiday!

    Proper hygiene is key

    Prior the holiday break, your kids have already spent a good number of months exposed to germs and bacteria from different places and human interaction. Add to that the Christmas parties lined up with schoolmates and family, and they are definitely more susceptible to unsanitary conditions.

    Before allowing your kids to decorate the tree or to eat their favorite Christmas treat, make sure they practice this simple hygiene measure—handwashing.

    In the pandemic era, we’ve been taught to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds. To make it a fun and healthy habit, parents can use the "Happy Birthday" song to guide kids while handwashing. If that isn’t an option, keep their hands clean using alcohol or hand sanitizer before and after touching any surface or food to help remove germs and prevent spreading.

    Parents must also pay attention to their kids’ stuff. While food containers are meant for keeping food safe from germs, it can also be vulnerable to bacteria growth due to its porous nature. So, before packing away those Noche Buena leftovers, make sure your containers are properly cleaned.

    Keep them dry and warm

    The holidays don’t exempt everyone from bad weather, so parents should always make sure kids are always prepared. When outside, always have them carry a raincoat and umbrella to avoid getting caught in the rain. Dont let your kids play or swim in floodwater when it is pouring hard.

    Rain showers and puddles might look harmless, but don’t be fooled. Floodwater can contain chemical hazards, carry harmful bacteria, and spread infectious diseases. So, even though the rain might look inviting, remember that it can also bring the worst diseases. Resist temptation and keep your kids dry!

    Protect their guts

    While external care for your kids’ body is important, parents also need to know that 70% of immunity comes from the gut. This means caring for your children’s gut health is also crucial especially now in the holidays.

    In fact, according to J Ann Mirasol (from the makers of Erceflora Kidde), it is now recognized by science as the body’s “second brain.” It uses the same molecules (neurotransmitters) that alert the brain when something is wrong. “The gut can affect a lot of aspects of your child’s body: their mood, reasoning, and behavior among other things,” Mirasol explained.

    “That’s why we created the product Erceflora Kiddie, because we wanted to give parents the right supplement to take care of their children’s gut health,” she added.

    Erceflora Kiddie has probiotic spores that not only help restore gut balance and help strengthen gut immunity, but also aids digestion with its ability to produce vitamins and facilitate absorption of nutrients in the gut.

    Not only will it help protect your kids’ guts this Christmas and for future holidays, but it can also protect other children in disadvantaged communities across the country through the Batang Matatag movement.

    “Like every parent, we want to create memories for these children that will last them a lifetime. We want to help these children from conflict-affected communities to be able to celebrate the holidays just like every other kid, with happy and healthy guts,” Mirasol concluded.

    Make the holidays more memorable for your kids and conflict-affected communities. When you buy Erceflora Kiddie, a portion of the sale will support Batang Matatag—an initiative by Save the Children Philippines and Erceflora Kiddie to improve the overall health and nutrition of school children.

This article is sponsored by ERCEFLORA.