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  • After months of scorching summer days, the rainy season may seem like a welcome break. However, ushering in the rainy days also means practically letting flu into your home. Kids are especially susceptible to flu, and can easily catch it from their classmates and playmates.



    How to keep flu at bay, then? Follow these easy tips:

    1. Get a headstart with prevention.

    While upping your kid’s resistance from illnesses is an all-year-round must, extra care is needed during the rainy season. Make sure she gets enough nutrition from a balanced diet, enough energy from sleep and rest, and enough physical activity from play and exercise.

    2. Gear up for the rainy days—literally. 

    Send your kid off to school or anywhere else equipped with these rainy-day essentials: a jacket, raincoat, or even cute little rubber boots. Cover all bases. Get her excited to wear her rain gear by buying ones in her favorite color or decorated with her favorite characters.


    3. Health awareness is for all ages--start them young.

    Tell your kid a fun, engaging story on how flu is common during the rainy season, and why she needs to protect herself from getting it. Make the story interesting with doodles! If you’re not the creative type, there are children’s books geared on the topic that you can easily find in a bookstore. Educating your kid early on would make her understand why doing simple things such as washing her hands can prevent acquiring flu germs.

    4. Make health habits cool and fun to do.

    To teach healthy and clean habits to a child, make it more fun rather than a chore. Buy soaps in fun shapes or a fruit-smelling hand sanitizer. When it comes to taking vitamins, choose a brand that actually tastes great.  Give your child Scott’s Pastilles as her “Vitamin C buddy”. It helps build  her immunity to common illnesses and comes as convenient and tasty pastilles.

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    You may also complement good health habits with a daily dose of cod liver oil. Scott’s Emulsion has all the goodness of cod liver oil to help the body’s natural resistance to infections, as well as to aid in healthy brain development and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

    With these easy prevention tips, you would get to enjoy the rainy season without worrying so much about your child’s health—and perhaps no more wishing for rainy days to go away!

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