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Rica Peralejo's Tips On Boosting Kids' Health, Keeping Them Strong, And Avoiding Skin Rashes

The Smart Parenting Editor-at-Large shares ways to keep kids' health threats away

With all the possible health threats for kids these days, it’s a challenge to establish a routine or rebuild one for the best possible protection. Whether you’re a new parent or you’ve been in the game for a long time, you know that you do everything you can to give your child nutritious food and keep them safe from sickness. But is there anything you can do to level up on that protection especially when sudden health worries arise?

For the most recent episode of Poprica, Smart Parenting’s Editor-At-Large Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio shares ways to boost your child’s health. She talks to Smart Parenting dad Dreus Cosio and Smart Parenting mom Joselle Ona who tell stories of when they felt the need to do so and what changes they did for their kids. 

Skin allergies out of nowhere

You could be doing everything right and not experiencing troubles that other parents go through for a long time. But, there may come a time when your child suddenly gets sick, and you get a wakeup call that you need to change up your routine.

For Rica, it was when her first born suddenly developed skin allergies. “It caused us a lot of trouble, especially at night kasi hindi siya makatulog dahil sa discomfort.” She says that’s when she started looking for ways to really boost how she protects her child’s health. 

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No matter what stage of parenting you’re in and what your parenting style is, always be open to learning and searching for the right lifestyle improvements for your kids. It could be a new product to try, a habit to stop, or a total change to undergo. Keep an eye out for what your kids need.

Teething troubles

Dreus shares a “milestone” that a lot of parents struggle with: teething. When his firstborn, Anya, started going through it, his friends warned him that diarrhea was sure to follow. He eventually realized, “Kaya pala nagkaka-diarrhea is they also begin to put (more) things into their mouth.”

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This is a way for babies to soothe their swollen gums, which can be painful or itchy. As a result, they are exposed to more germs.

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The Smart Parenting dad’s solution: adding vitamins and Erceflora Kiddie to help improve her digestion. With proper diet and exercise, this supplement helps improve a child’s natural resistance to intestinal infections. Naturally, they adopted the same routine for their second child, Pio. 

It’s an important learning that Rica also knows. Back when she was a young mom, she already learned the importance of adding probiotics to a child’s diet. The good bacteria from supplements and food help fight off the bad bacteria that kids may ingest. “Dapat may healthy balance inside of our children,” says Rica. 

Rashes from new products

When Joselle was a new mom, she had no clue how to really take of her baby’s health, especially the newborn’s delicate skin. She would get advice from her relatives and browse through countless threads of mommy groups, too. 

'Remember: There’s no one solution to these parenting worries.

With several helpful recommendations out there, the mom admits that it really boils down to trial and error. “Titignan ko if nag-wo-work ba talaga for Likha, kung wala bang irritation or rashes sa skin niya,” she says. Unfortunately, some trials may lead to bad skin reactions, like when her baby developed rashes after trying a new product. And we all know what’s next: the inevitable mom guilt. 

They did however find a good bath product that mildly cleansed and moisturized their baby’s skin, which they continuously used also for their second baby. Knowing that not all products are good and safe, they chose and regularly used Lactacyd Baby. Its line of products are made with gentle formula that cleanse and restore the skin’s protection. 

Rica agrees and shares how she noticed the change in her kids’ skin when she switched to Lactacyd Baby. She felt at ease as her kids’ skin were protected from itch, odor, and irritation, aside from being cleansed and moisturized. 

Remember: There’s no one solution to these parenting worries.

It’s not going to be easy to find what works for you and your kid. But one thing to learn from these parents is that when you do discover those lifestyle tweaks, stick to it and share it with others. Be consistent, try them with your next child, and ensure that they’re part of a healthy, balanced routine for complete inside out protection for your kids.

Watch the full Poprica vlog here:

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