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The Fever Symptoms Every Mom Overlooks

Checking you baby's temperature may not be enough.

It's hard not to panic when it comes to your child's health – especially when your little one comes to you in the middle of the night looking flushed, hot and sweaty. You immediately suspect a fever and from experience you would know to check his temperature and give him a cold compress. But when do you really need to worry and when do you need to relax?


In most cases, fevers don't usually indicate anything serious – especially if your child is generally always in good health. A fever is often a sign that your child's immune system is fighting off an underlying cold or another form of infection.

Here are a couple of signs that indicate a fever is something more serious:

Irregular Breathing

If your child has a fever and he is finding it difficult to breathe, it is best to take him to a doctor immediately. Some kids with a fever breathe faster than normal or have a quicker heart rate. It's best to get an expert to check your child for anything more than his body fighting infection.


It can be more than a simple fever if your child develops a rash while he has a high temperature. Check your baby for any purple rashes or small bright red spots. This could be skin bleeding – which can be a sign of serious diseases like meningitis or sepsis.


Sore Throat

Make sure you let your doctor know right away if your child complains of sore throat or earache. It could be that the fever is signaling strep throat or an ear infection.


Some kids may experience Febrile Seizure or convulsions, which can be because of a mild infection of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract caused by viruses. Seizures can also be caused by rapid increase in body temperature.

If your child is suffering from a fever, let him rest in a quiet room. You can also give him plenty of fluids to drink because fevers often lead to dehydration. Dress your baby in lightweight clothes as well, to help bring his temperature down. Make sure the room is also cool enough – remove warm comforters and reduce the room temperature.

Give fever-reducing medicine that is appropriate to your child's age, like Paracetamol (Calpol®). It is clinically proven to provide fast, effective, temporary relief from pain and fever associated with teething, immunisation, sore throat, headache, muscle ache and cold&flu symptoms. It is also most suitable for dengue and flu-like symptoms like chicken pox and dehydration.

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