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6 Things Moms Can Learn About Feeding Toddlers and Preschoolers From Isabel Oli

For the actress, it's all about instilling the habit of healthy eating early.

Moms of toddlers often struggle with feeding their kids healthy food. Being a picky eater or "maselan" about food is considered normal in the toddler stage. But this is not the case for Isabel Oli's firstborn, Lily Feather.

According to the celeb mom, her 3-year-old preschooler eats practically everything she is served—fruits and vegetables included.

Isabel says she made sure her daughter developed the habit of eating healthy early on. A picky eater herself when she was young, the actress and mom of two was quick to form a game plan about Feather's early eating habits, and now her daughter is munching on fruits and vegetables.

Isabel imparts invaluable advice for this everyday toddler and preschooler struggle most parents go through:

1. Avoid introducing junk food to your child so she won't crave it.

Isabel says she started eating junk food at a young age, an example she didn't want Feather to follow. To curb this kind of craving, the mom withholds any food she doesn't want Feather to look for.


"There are some foods that I don't really introduce to her because I know they're not healthy. Mahirap na if she will like it tapos I won't let her eat it," Isabel says. "Baka it will create confusion on her end."

2. Be a role model for your child.

Isabel and husband John Prats make it a point to sit down and eat their meals with Feather. This has been a significant factor in getting their daughter to eat what they themselves eat.

"Sinasabay namin siya when we eat. So if she can see us eating, gagaya din siya. She doesn’t leave her plate na may food. I think it’s because [na-]train lang din talaga namin siya," Isabel shares.

"I don’t want her to be like me kasi I am a picky eater. So I really trained her na she leaves her high chair na dapat clean 'yung plate."


3. Give your child a variety of food to see what she likes.

Isabel says Feather has taken a liking to fish, broccoli, squash, papaya, banana, apple, mango, and cabbage. At the moment, however, the little foodie has no taste for pork.

"Maybe because it's hard to chew, especially when fried," Isabel says. "But if niluto sa sabaw, medyo okay siya to eat it. Right now, I let her eat almost everything and see kung ano talaga her likes."

4. Involve your child in meal planning.

Isabel says she considers Feather's input when it comes to the food they eat. While the toddler's current favorites are chicken and soup with rice, for example, there are days when she wants something else.

"May mood lang siya. Sinasabi lang kasi talaga niya, [for example], 'Tomorrow I want to eat soup.' Or minsan I really ask, 'Tomorrow I'll cook egg for breakfast. Is it okay?'"


5. Don't worry too much about your child's current eating habits.

Isabel tells her fellow moms to keep mealtimes relaxed and easy. If they have serious concerns, however, they can always discuss them with their child's doctor, the celeb mom says.

"Every child is different," Isabel points out. "Don't worry too much! Sometimes, it's just a phase where they don't like to eat [much]. But soon, babalik din 'yan.'"

The mom also says it's okay to repeat the food your child likes to eat, but also sets limits while researching other recipes to try out.

6. Give your child milk every day.

Thanks to her own mom, Isabel grew up drinking milk before going to bed—something she has now taught Feather.

"I'm really blessed to have a milk-lover kid! Up to now, her day isn't complete without milk. She really will ask for [it]," Isabel says.

Isabel knows milk is an important part of a child's diet. "I strongly believe milk is important to a child's growth and development," she says.


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