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  • Aside From Vaccines, How You Can Help Strengthen Your Child's Immunity

Aside From Vaccines, How You Can Help Strengthen Your Child's Immunity
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  • The Department of Health (DOH) has officially declared a measles outbreak in several areas in the country, with around 12,700 measles cases reported resulting in 203 deaths in just a month's time. Sadly, most of the measles cases are kids under 5 years old who haven't been vaccinated or who have incomplete vaccinations. The DOH reports that there's been a decline in the number of kids receiving the measles vaccine because parents have been refusing to get their kids immunized on time—or at all.

    The measles virus is highly contagious because it is airborne, meaning it can spread when someone infected coughs or sneezes. If you and your kids haven't received the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine, then your family may be at risk of getting infected. The MMR vaccine is safe and the most effective protection against the measles virus. It's best to bring your kids to their pediatricians to discuss the importance of getting properly vaccinated against diseases like this.

    But as parents, you also must take note of additional ways to protect your kids from diseases. Here are some of the things you can do to keep them safe:

    1. Remind them to wash their hands frequently—and properly.

    Someone who has a virus can spread it through tiny droplets of saliva or mucus he or she expels when he or she coughs or sneezes. Your kids' hands may come in contact with these infectious droplets, and can transfer these to their bodies when they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. Use soap and running water to wash your and your kids' hands and do this frequently. Alcohol-based sanitizers with at least 60-percent alcohol can also be used if there are no soap and water on hand.

    2. Keep your kids protected when traveling.

    It takes only one person with measles to be in contact with to get infected. Experts say the MMR vaccine can prevent infection if given within 72 hours (three days) post-exposure to a person with measles. Since measles is an airborne infection, you and your kids may consider wearing a mask when outdoors. One doctor recommends using the N95 particulate respirator mask rather than a regular surgical face mask. He says, "the virus is too small that it can still pass through the pores of a regular surgical mask."

    It also doesn’t hurt to check if your travel destination has any health risks before a trip. If there’s some sort of viral outbreak, take the necessary steps to strengthen your kids' immune system—or change your vacation plans altogether.

    3. Make sure your kids are getting enough sleep.

    The lack of sleep has a bad effect on a person's immune system. It's best to get the recommended number of sleeping hours, especially for kids. Studies also show that getting enough sleep boosts the performance of vaccinations, and that people who get more sleep are less likely to catch a cold after being exposed to the virus.

    4. Provide your kids with proper nutrition.

    A balanced diet providing essential nutrients is just as important. Make sure your kids are getting the proper nutrition from the food they eat to help keep them healthy and strong.

    You can complement their daily meals with nutritious milk drinks like Lactum 3+ and Lactum 6+. Besides providing vitamins A, C, E, zinc, and selenium to help boost your children's immunity against common infections, Lactum 3+ and Lactum 6+ also provide other key nutrients to help with their brain and bone development. Giving your kids one to two glasses of Lactum 3+ or Lactum 6+ a day, combined with three balanced meals, can help ensure they meet most of their daily nutritional needs.

    Lactum 3+ and Lactum 6+ are for kids above 3 years old and are not intended as breastmilk substitutes. For more information about Lactum 3+ and Lactum 6+, visit this website and follow the brand on Facebook.


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