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What to Bring to Keep Your Kids Clean When You Travel

Include these in your upcoming family trip!

Did you know that traveling can help build your children's imagination, develop their communication skills, and make them more independent? Plus, it's a good opportunity to bond with them and get to know them better.

However, it's worth noting that traveling has its share of health-related risks. If you want to be extra cautious about their safety, here's a list of the essentials you need to pack:

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover
Germs can be found in crowded places, especially in public toilets. Keep them safe from bacteria by using a toilet seat cover, which can act as a protective barrier. If possible, bring a portable bidet, too, so they can wash thoroughly afterward.

Travel Changing Pads
Protect your baby from dirty surfaces while changing his nappies. Opt for changing pads that are lightweight and waterproof to make cleanup easier and faster. Use Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder every time you change your little one to avoid diaper rash.

Bath Essentials
The toiletries found in hotel kits may not be suitable for a child's sensitive skin. Bring Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash, which has a gentle formula that leaves your child's hair and skin with a powdery scent after a bath. Follow it up with Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion, which has a light, non-greasy feel to help keep his skin moisturized. 

Hand Wipes
Wipes are your best bet when soap and water are not available. Use Belo Baby Wipes, which are gentle and have no harmful ingredients, to clean your child's hands, face, and bottom.

Hand Sanitizer
Keep their hands clean by having a travel-sized sanitizer with you at all times. Belo Baby Sanitizer gently cleans and moisturizes their hands and leaves a fruity scent. Choose from blueberry, peach, and green apple.

Extra Sets of Clothes
Bring at least two sets of tops and pants in your bag. And after changing clothes, use Belo Baby Cologne so your little one smells fresh all day long.

Apart from all these travel cleanup essentials, it's also important to teach your kids basic hygiene. Let them watch this: 

Belo Baby Wipes is enriched with chamomile extracts, aloe vera, and vitamin E. It is 99% water and is carefully formulated to be safe and gentle for baby's face, hands, and bum. Belo Baby Wipes is also hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, and dermatologist-tested. 

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