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  • There are certain things you only have the license to do when you're a child. While the following skills are not necessarily essential to day-to-day living, wouldn't it be fun if your kid learned them, too?

    1. How to build (and fly) a kite
    Show the simple and uncomplicated way kids used to have fun many years ago with non-electronic items. Have a family picnic in a grassy area, pick a windy spot and teach him or her how to start flying his or her own kite!

    2. How to whistle

    Some kids learn it by accident, others through the patient guidance of an adult. Start your child off with some simple techniques on how to shape his mouth and breathe melodically. You can also tell him about the Pinoy belief that whistling calls upon a cool breeze.

    3. How to roller skate or roller blade
    Step aside, hoverboards and skateboards! Back in the day, kids would strap on their skates and hit the streets for hours. Not only did they get to work on their sense of balance, they also had loads of fun.

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    4. How to do the cartwheel
    Nothing could compare to the joys of being able to "stand" on your outstretched arms and seeing the world upside down. It takes a bit of courage and a lot of playfulness to learn, though, and while you can start at any time, it will be a bit more challenging to support your grown-up body with your limbs than if you learn it while at play when you're a child.


    5. How to do the cat’s cradle
    Let’s not forget this two-person string game that involves specific hand moves to pluck and tuck yarn into certain formations. It helps hone your child’s finger dexterity, fine motor skills and memory. Simply search on YouTube if you need a refresher course (and demo)!

    6. How to play Jackstone (or Chinese jackstone)
    Introduce to your child this timeless game that requires great hand-eye coordination and the nimblest of fingers. Remember when you would sew up grains of rice or seeds into tiny pillows for Chinese jackstone?

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    7. How to hula hoop

    You may or may not know how to hula hoop, but you can definitely show your child the steps to get there. Challenge him or her how many rounds he/she can keep going!

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    8. How to use chopsticks
    Some types of food are just meant to be eaten with the use of chopsticks, like dumplings or sushi. Try it out at home with cup noodles to get your little one started!


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    9. How to ride a bike
    Many memories of childhood involve learning how to balance on a bicycle (and falling many times throughout the process). "See this scar on my leg? I got it from learning how to ride a bike," is always a good way to engage your child in conversation. Being skilled in cycling allows your child to explore areas within your neighborhood, and is a good form of exercise as well.

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