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  • 19 More Family Movies We Can't Wait to Watch to This Year!

    There are more screening tickets (and popcorn!) to look forward to!
    by Rachel Perez .
19 More Family Movies We Can't Wait to Watch to This Year!
PHOTO BY Screencaps: Wonder, Coco, Spiderman:Homecoming
  • Time flies fast. We're ushering the rest of 2017 with a list of upcoming movies that the whole family will love to see. They're not just superhero moveies or animated ones, but also heartwarming movies with great lessons for kids. There have been some additions to our earlier list we’ve published, so check it out. 


    July 7

    Early reviews of Tom Holland's first solo movie as the high school superhero have been marvelous.

    A Stork's Journey
    July 12

     A little sparrow, Richard, is going on a long, ardous journey to migrate with his adoptive stork family. 

    Cars 3
    July 26

    We can't wait to see Lightnign McQueen leave his legacy as he competes with the young, faster drivers on track. 

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     The Emoji Movie
    August 19

    It's pretty promising once you've wrapped your head around it. It celebrates individuality and friendship.

    August 30

    Félicie (Elle Fanning) travels to France with her best pal to be a ballet dancer. And she will not take no for an answer. 


     The Lego Ninjago Movie
    September 21

    Another spinoff from the hit The Lego Movie, the Green Ninja battles his dad, Lord Garmadon, for Ninjago. 


    My Little Pony: The Movie
    October 6

     The colorful-maned ponies uses the power of friendhip, which they'll need to save Esquestria.

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    Thor: Ragnarok
    October 25

    The one and only trailer puts us right in on the action between The Norse God of Thunder and The Hulk. 


     A Bad Moms Christmas
    November 3

    We're can already relate very much when we saw the first trailer. Make it a date with your mom friends! 


    Daddy's Home 2
    November 10

    Dusty and Brad had already settled things before. What happens when their on fathers visit for the holidays.

    Justice League
    November 16

    With the global success of Wonder Woman, we’re already expecting Diana to kick ass with the rest of the gang. 

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    November 22

    The trailer look colorful and fun and we can’t wait to see Miguel and his dog’s adventures on The day of The Dead. 


    This is definitely a must-watch film. We fell in love with the trailer and we can't wait for it to be shown in cinemas here (hopefully) in November. 

    The Little Mermaid

    It isn't the Disney live-action version, but it is set in a real world where mermaids exist. 

    Goodbye Christopher Robin

    Winnie The Pooh is in it, but really it’s about its creator, A.A. Mine, whose characters inspired people after the war. 

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    Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
    December 15

    Fans are already digging through this one trailer to get more clues of Rey, Finn, BB8, and the rest of the saga’s characters.

    December 20

    We're not sure about the board game being a video game now, but the movie sure looks full of jungle adventures. 

    Pitch Perfect
    December 22

    We see what The Bellas are up to after graduating, and they grabbed the maybe one final chance to sing together. 

    Check back for updates on more movies the whole family can enjoy!

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