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  • 4 Ways Career Moms Can Make Time for Their Kids

    Don't let your mom guilt get in the way of strengthening your relationship with your kids.
  • In this day and age, most career moms can't help it if they don't have enough time, money, energy, or patience to give to their children. But don't let these challenges come in the way of family. Try out these practical ways to bond with your kids:


    Turn bedtime routines into meaningful end-of-day rituals

    The main struggle of working parents is feeling guilty when they come home late to their kids, who are already getting ready for bed. Once you get home, drop everything and reconnect with them by spending some quality time with them.

    Let your little ones direct the play and bonding moment. Read a beloved book. Talk about their handmade artwork displayed in their room. Be the "villain" in their superhero pretend play.

    You can also simply listen to them talk about the events of the day. Leave your job worries outside the bedroom door. Your job at the moment is to be present for your kids.


    Use your imagination

    When money is tight and you can't afford expensive toys for your kids, sometimes all you need are simple things and a little imagination to entertain them. The best toys and games often don't come from stores—they may not even be actual toys. A cardboard box can turn into a car or rocket ship. Bed sheets and pillows can become a fort. Stuffed toys can be crazy characters.

    Dive into your kids' imagination and run with it. Kids love it when their parents are in on the fun and adventure with them. 


    Set up one playtime date within the day

    These days, kids are usually glued to the TV screen or a gadget. Rather than banning it altogether, move their designated screen time to later in the evening, so you can hang out with them before they start watching their show or playing a game.

    Have a plan and set the scene (an outdoor scene is always fun). For younger kids, a simple plastic bin filled with play sand or water is all you need to keep them busy. Older kids may enjoy more organized playtime like a trying out a new sport or doing a challenge (Build a tent or go on a treasure hunt!).


    Reimagine chores as creative ways to play and bond

    Doing chores is important, so why not get your kids to help you out with the easy tasks? Come merienda on weekends, ask them what food they would like to eat, and then prepare it together.

    You can look for a new easy recipe you can learn together or, if you want something easier, make tasty and filling sandwiches using Lady's Choice spreads. Take your pick: Chicken, Ham, Bacon, Tuna, Chicken BBQ, and Roast Beef. As you prep the sammies, your kids can spread the bread fill and mix some juice. Wear cool hats while you're at it!  

    Don't let mom guilt win. With these simple strategies, you'll be able to give your kids the playtime—and mom-and-me time—they need and love.


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