• 5 Easy Halloween Looks you can Do Yourself

    Check out these fun and doable makeup looks to recreate popular characters, perfect for Halloween.
    by Christine Rojas-Lavina .

    2. Fuzzy Bunny


    A bunny headband just won’t cut it if you’re a serious Halloween aficionado. Look the part with this makeup look.


    • Apply foundation on your whole face including your lips and set your lips, the bridge of your nose, brow bone and the area between your nose and lips with white matte eye shadow in pressing motion. Use your normal powder to set the remaining parts of your face.
    • Apply an orange matte blush all over your face, except on the areas set with the white powder. Concentrate on the middle part of your face - from the sides of your nose and under eye area, towards your cheeks.
    • Fill in your brows with black pencil eyeliner.
    • Line the sides of the bridge of your nose with the same eyeliner and connect the line to your eyebrows. Color the underside of your nose black, around your nostrils. Leave a small V like shape above the blackened nostrils and create another black V above it. Then apply pink lip liner on the empty space.
    • Draw a black line from the bottom of the nose towards the bottom of the upper lip. From the tip of the upper lip, draw slanting lines on both sides creating a triangle with a curved bottom. Fill in the triangle with pink lip liner.
    • From the bottom sides of the triangle, create a curving line towards the outer edges of your nose. Create a small curving line from the corners of your mouth going upwards (see face chart).
    • Right under the curved bottom of the triangle, create a set of bunny teeth.
    • Apply small dots using waterproof liquid eyeliner above your lips within the bunny mouth crease, three on each side.
    • Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

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