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  • 5 Fun Things You and Your Child Can Do in the Rain

    Playing in the rain has benefits too!
  • Rainy days are here again. For most children, the wet season is synonymous to "boring days," the opposite of the fun summer days. Why not change this mindset? Fun and adventure do not have to stop just because the sun is not at its brightest.

    While there are some stormy days when you just have to absolutely stay cooped indoors for safety reasons, there are also "friendly" rainy days of light rainfall and drizzles that could be an opportunity to do something fun with the family! Children like novelty and adventure, so for sure they would love (and even look forward to) doing these activities with you. 

    Here are some exciting ideas to try:

    Wear protective gear and footwear

    Before the fun begins, make sure you boost your children's resistance with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. Let them wear protective coats and boots to make sure they are safe while they are enjoying rainy day activities outside. Check out more cool ways to gear your kids up for the rainy season here!

    Camp outdoors

    Got a backyard? All you need are a tent, sleeping beds, and plenty of imagination and you're all set for a memorable, inexpensive adventure. Pretend you're trapped on some exotic island or high up in the mountains (no gadgets!) and have to pass the time with old-school board games or by sharing stories or inventing a new game. If you don't have a backyard, other options are picnic grounds and parks.

    Race boats

    Manmade lakes are usually safe for boat riding during light rains. Why not gather the family for a quick trip to parks that offer this activity? Divide the family members into two teams and encourage everyone to paddle, paddle with all their might to out-race the other team. Prepare a wholesome treat and a consequence for the winner and loser, respectively!

    Play a ballgame

    A friendly football game gets all the more enjoyable when it gets messy! Mud and rain-soaked grasses set the stage for a memorable ballgame. This is also a good way to get your children to get exercise through warm-ups and actual game itself even though it's the wet season.

    Choreograph an umbrella dance

    Another way to get your young ones to enjoy drizzly days is to let them have fun dressing up for days like these. Tag them along and let them have a say which umbrella, rain coat, and rain boots to get. The fun doesn't stop there—encourage them, especially if your kid loves to dance—to choreograph a simple yet fun dance number incorporating an umbrella and jumping in puddles.

    Paint using raindrops

    Gather raindrops outside for a watercolor painting session. This will teach kids how recycling and re-using something, however small, can be useful for something worthwhile and beautiful.

    Cap these activities with a simple spread of nourishing snacks and clean drinking water such as Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water. Wilkins is internationally tested and certified. It can help rehydrate and refresh your child after a fun day out in the rain. Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water undergoes 8 stages of purification to make sure you and your family drink only the safest water.

    Punctuate the snack session with plenty of laughs recalling the funny moments during the activity, and ask the little ones for their own suggestions on what they would like to try doing outside the next rainy day! Got more fun outdoor rainy day ideas? Share them here!


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.