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  • 5 Summer Activities That Can Help You Raise Friendly Kids

    How fun does an inflatable pool party in your own backyard sound?
5 Summer Activities That Can Help You Raise Friendly Kids
  • No two kids are alike. Some are naturally talkative and outgoing, while others need a little more time and gentle nudging to come out of their shells.

    There's nothing wrong with having a shy child. In fact, it's expected, especially when he's confronted by unfamiliar or new experiences and situations. But one thing's for sure: Whether you have a social butterfly or a modest violet, every kid can benefit from some good old fun under the sun—it's the best time to let your child express himself, too through their summer attire.

    Take advantage of the free time and great weather this summer—there's no reason for them to miss their classmates when they're busy with all kinds of outdoor activities. Here are some that can help them become more sociable, friendly, and outgoing: 


    Outdoor Inflatable Pool Party

    Get in touch with the other moms in your child's class and pool your resources together. Build your own inflatable park with all the mini pools, slides, and bouncy surfaces you can gather. Set it up in your backyard—all you need is a hose and an air pump, and you're all set. You can also set a theme for your pool party so the kids can explore playful prints and vibrant colors.


    Mini Boot Camp

    Take your cue from team-building games and obstacle courses. Rent out your village playground and create your own boot camp at home. Set up mini monkey bars, rope climbs, and other basic agility drills to create a challenging mini-course for the kids.

    Comfort is key in this activity. Have your kids wear basic tees and shorts but feel free to incorporate bright colors and loud prints.


    Outdoor Water Balloon Fight

    Never underestimate the joy a small pack of balloons can bring. Set up a small fort in your garden, give each team a bucket full of water balloons, and watch the competition heat up as they cool off.


    Barbecue Party

    While you may not be comfortable with letting younger kids near a hot grill, they can still take part in making the sides, tossing a salad, serving drinks, and decorating desserts while the adults flip the burgers. 

    A mini barbecue party is a good way to improve your child's social skills. You can even have a tropical beach-themed party and have your guests all come in their fruits, floral, and tropical summer wear.


    Backyard Camping

    Summer is the best time to bring out your tents and sleeping bags. Your kid will get a kick out of this one-of-a-kind slumber party!

    Make s'mores and roast hotdogs over a small (read: safe) fire, tell stories or sing along to a guitar, and try to identify constellations together. 

    They are great opportunities for your little one to practice their social and communication skills. They'll learn the value of teamwork and compassion, both of which are important in raising a successful child.

    And there's no need to worry about what they're going to wear—SM Kids has all you need to make sure your child is dressed for the occasion. 

    As long as they're dressed comfortably, you're sure to capture picture-perfect memories of your child with their friends.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with SM Kids.