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6 Fun And Affordable Summer Activities You Can Do With Your Kids At Home

Bring them closer to you and teach them valuable life lessons through fun and games.

Having fun with your kids during the summer break doesn't have to be expensive. You can turn simple activities into more interesting ones by being creative and making the most out of what you have. And if you don't always get along with your kids, bonding during their school break could be a great opportunity to get to know them well, see what makes them tick, understand them better and finally get along with them.

Here are a couple of activities you can do with your kids this summertime without breaking the bank.

Bike around the area

If you have bikes in the house, summer is the perfect time to bring them out. Take your kids out biking in the early morning or the late afternoon. Make sure they are wearing protective head, elbow and knee gears before they head out. You can also take the summer break as an opportunity to teach your kids how to bike, if they don't know how to ride yet. It's free and it's also a great and exciting way to make your kids exercise.

Go hiking

If you do not have a bike in your home, you can always go strolling around your neighborhood with your kids. Walking is a great way to exercise their legs and lungs and it's also perfect during the early mornings and the late afternoons. You can also go on nature walks if your house is near any parks or farms.

Join a summer training camp or make one at your home

Summer is the best time to encourage your kids to play sports and other physical activities. If they are feeling more adventurous, you can enroll them in summer training camps like the MILO Sports Clinics - to help them develop important life skills like discipline, teamwork, perseverance, hard work, respect and confidence. Check out the schedules here. You can also use these sports clinics as inspiration for activities at home. Make a makeshift goal for a fun afternoon playing football or make a simple basketball court or running track that your kids can practice on. 

Visit local museums

During the weekends, some local museums do not charge entrance fee. Make sure you take advantage of those days when museums are open for free. This is a great opportunity for your kids to learn something new or see something different. It's also a more interesting way to get them ready for school once the break is over.

Hold a cooking class in your kitchen

Teach your kids how to make their favorite food by assembling a little cooking class right there in your kitchen. You can also bring them to the supermarket with you so they know how you pick out the ingredients to make their favorite food. You can also teach them some simple budgeting techniques that may come in handy when they manage their own baons.

Apart from their favorite dishes, you can also teach them how to make sweet treats and refreshing drinks. Add a twist to their favorite MILO drink by turning the mixing part into a game. Arrange a variety of ingredients and let them pick which ones they want to go with their MILO drink.

MILO is so versatile that you will not run out of ways to make it more interesting. Have fun with your kids this summer by creating one imaginative MILO recipe a day – perfect for their evening treat and pambaon once they go back to school. Check out their website for more information. 

Look for arts and crafts projects online

There are plenty of crash courses on finger painting, goo making and dough baking online that you can try with your kids. You can also print out interesting flash cards and board games that you can cut out and use for later.

Turn your living room in a movie theater

Microwave some popcorn, make some refreshing drinks, draw the curtains and pop in a nice movie every night or every afternoon for a more affordable movie viewing experience. You can also take your kids to the video store and pick out the latest movies they'd like to watch.

So you don't run out of ideas...

Look around you and find inspiration in what you have all over the house. You can also ask your kids for things they would like to do or places they would like to explore - that way, everyone can pitch in and have a fun summer.




This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with MILO.