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  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Bond With Your Child Through Martial Arts

    Did you know that martial arts teachers actually abhor violence and promote peaceful resolution to conflicts? Read up on six reasons why you or your partner should enroll in a martial arts class with your child.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • Ever consider enrolling yourself and your child in a martial arts class?  There are six reasons why this can be a great bonding activity:

    Promotes Sports and Exercise—Children who learn martial arts also seek out physical activity later on in life.

    Martial arts could be the springboard to get your kid away from the Xbox and into the hard court, the swimming pool or ballet academy.Encourages Fitness—Classes begin and end with warm-up and stretching exercises.

    In Taekwando, routines are developed with kicks, punches, throws, blocks, sword strikes, and stances that combine into a set form (called kata, hyeong, anyo or taolu) depending on the requirements of the art. Instructors train students in various moves until the pupils can execute them properly.  Trust me, it’s a helluva workout.

    Retains Flexibility—I began studying Karate and Arnis when I was six years old. Even though I’m almost forty, I can still kick close to my head area.  The flexibility I gained from hours of training embedded itself into my joints, ligaments and muscles. Your child can also keep that suppleness as he matures.Instills Discipline—While your child learns physical, mental, and emotional self-control, you learn the discipline of keeping commitments with your child, sticking to the schedule of classes. Also, good martial arts teachers abhor violence and require their students to avoid getting into trouble at all costs. Respect for authority, life and oneself is a key tenet of most martial arts schools and it is something both of you will learn to value together.Achieves a Sense of


    Accomplishment—Whether it’s winning tournaments, earning belt promotions or even simply mastering a particularly difficult kick, punch or form, martial arts gives the opportunities to improve one’s self. Develops Social Interaction—Martial arts classes have students of varying ages, genders and social classes but all are welcome and treated with the same level of respect. Such an environment gives you and your kid a chance to deal with children his or her own age all the way up to other adults.A good starting age for a child to study martial arts is around 4-6 years old.  For an adult, one can be of any age as long as you’ve cleared it with your doctor first.
    Learning any martial art is good but the best arts to get a child started in are Taekwondo, Karate, Aikido, Arnis and Tai-Chi. Taekwondo has a large following, classes can be easily found anywhere and they have programs for very young children. Karate is not as common but is as formalized as Taekwondo and also has methods for starting out youngsters. Aikido and Tai-Chi have more of the same but has the added bonus of being more peaceful and restrained. Arnis is locally available and is good for training hand-eye coordination.

    About The Author

    Julian Vorpal is a jack-of-all-trades, having done work in very disparate fields such as building administration, leadership and personal development training, internet café management, and teaching arnis and shotokan karate.  He has been a freelance writer for over a decade now, having started out copy writing for Infinite Information Inc. and eventually writing features for Localvibe.com and Starcade.com.  Since then, he has done work for both print and online publications such as Smart Parenting Online, Town and Country, Men’s Health and Muse Magazine.

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