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  • Family Game Night? Get These Mobile Phone Apps -- No Kidding

    Spend hours of fun with the whole family with the help of these apps.
Family Game Night? Get These Mobile Phone Apps -- No Kidding
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    We can go on and on about screen time and its effects, both good and bad, on a child's development--but we're not going to. Surely, you already know everything you need to know about that. 

    But, when it comes to mobile phone and gadgets usage, the mantra "If you can't beat them, join them!" might as well be our guide as parents. It’s time to make use of technology to bond the whole family together.

    Take a look at these apps that could actually help families spend more time interacting with each other and having fun:


    1. Heads Up

     Head Upp app game


    Pick a category, hold the phone up on your forehead or over your head so everybody else can see the word or phrase you need to guess. The other player needs to act out the word or phrase. The one who gets the most correct answers in a limited time wins!


    2. Reverse Charades

      Reverse Charades app game


    Charades, as everyone knows, is a game where one player acts out a secret word while the team tries to guess it. In the digital version of the card game, one player tries to guess what his team is acting out. You can modify the number of rounds, plus the number seconds and passes per turn, and you’re set for endless hours of fun.


    3. Emoji Party

     Emoji Party app game


    Instead of guessing words or phrases, you’re going to have to guess what an emoji or a set of emojis means. Hold the screen up on your head and the family will act out the emoji for you as you try to guess. This is the modern and more techy version of a party game that even kids will love.


    4. Party Doodles

    party Doodle app game


    Think Pictionary but more techy. Replace pen and paper with a tablet and you’re set. (If you can beam your mobile screen onto a TV, then do so). All you need to do is draw, guess, and repeat. Drawing on a tablet versus paper is different, so it can be tricky. The team who gets the highest score wins.


    5. Who Can't Draw?

     Who Can't Draw app game


    This one is a pass-and-play game similar to Party Doodles. Draw the subject and pass the mobile phone to the next player. The second player continues the drawing--without knowing what the subject it--before passing it again. The last player needs to guess what the subject is.


    6. Off Limits!

     Off Limits app game

    Are you familiar with the game Taboo? The game’s challenge is that you and your team have to guess a secret word without mentioning certain words that are usually associated with it. This one's tricky, but a lot of fun!



    7. ShakePop

    ShakePop app game

    How about a game app that forces you and your kids to move? It’s like Simon Says and BopIt combined. Players need to perform commands using their phones and their bodies. The commands must be completed faster and faster as it unlocks more complicated actions, such as dancing and spinning.

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