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  • 7 TV Shows Your Kids Can Watch Only on Netflix

    What's exclusively on Netflix that's kid-friendly?
7 TV Shows Your Kids Can Watch Only on Netflix
  • Looks like the Internet is poised to have a huge bite off TV viewing time.

    You might have heard -- unless you're living under a rock -- that the U.S. online video-streaming service Netflix has just launched in the Philippines.

    Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced its entry in the Philippine market at the end of his presentation at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES). The popular online video-streaming service will also be accessible to people in Vietnam, India, Turkey, Indonesia and 130 more countries all over the globe. "You are witnessing the birth of a global TV network," he said.

    While Filipinos do not have full access to all the videos the Americans do, it still carries a whole lot of TV shows and movies that you and your family can choose from. We signed up for the free one-month trial to check what shows or movies the children can watch only on Netflix. Here are our picks:

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    1. Puffin Rock

    Puffin Rock follows the adventures of a young puffin bird Oona, her little brother Baba, and their family and friends living the life on a gorgeous and wild Irish island. It's an original animated show from Ireland.


    2. InviZimals

    This is produced by Sony as a companion to the video game of the same name. It follows the adventures of Keni Nakamura, a scientist who discovered that invisible creatures live among us. What’s more awesome? Keni can jump from the real world to theirs.



    3. Super 4

    A group of heroes embarks on a mission to protect the inhabitants of the disparate worlds of the Enchanted Island named Kingsland and the City of Technopoli against evil elements. It’s based on Playmobil toys.

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    4. Da Jammies

    This is a 3D animated sitcom that tackles the musical journey of five musically-talented tweens. They attend a performing arts middle school and have formed a group in their search for fame and fortune.


    5.  The New Adventures of Figaro Pho

    Pho is afraid of almost everything. While the show almost has no dialogue, it’s big on physical-performance-based drama, musical score and sound effects. It also has an accompanying app game.


    6. Richie Rich

    Yes, it's the same extremely wealthy young kid played by Macaulay Caulkin, but the story is different. It's loosely based on the Harvey Comics' Richie Rich comic book -- he got rich by turning veggies into clean energy. 

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    7. Project MC2

    All hail, girl power! Your tweeners might love this educational show which is about four super smart science-skilled girls recruited to be spies. This one is also a Netflix original. 


    The other original shows that Netflix carries are TV movies Rainbow Rocks (a My Little Pony-inspired animation), Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland (a spin-off of the popular web series featuring fashion doll characters), and Team Hot Wheels: Build The Epic Race (based on, you guessed it, Hot Wheels toys.)

    Unlike YouTube on desktop, what's nice about Netflix is that it has a unique setting for kids that filters the shows they can search from (this list was based solely on shows that are available on the Kids' setting), so there's no need to watch over their shoulder too much. Still, remember to monitor their screen time. 

    Recommended Videos

    Netflix offers three plans: P370 for the basic services, P460 for standard, and P550 for the premium one. The difference is not based on the movies and shows you can acess, but on the number of devices you can use at a time, and access to high definition videos. Netflix will be adding more shows for the Philippines audience to enjoy in the future.

    Will you be signing up for Neflix soon? Let us know in the comments below. 


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