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So Cool! This Free App Lets Kids Go On A Virtual Field Trip To Museo Pambata

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal and daughter Lucia tried it and gave it a two thumbs up!

One of the things students look forward to the most every school year is going on field trips. Unfortunately, with current restrictions limiting children’s movements, they haven’t been given any opportunities to embark on these kinds of educational excursions.

But fret not, moms and dads: you’d be happy to know that there’s a way for you to recreate such a fun experience at home — and it’s as simple as using a free interactive mobile application called Similac GainSchool E-xplorers!

Similac GainSchool E-xplorers, which was developed by Abbott Nutrition in partnership with the Museo Pambata, lets children experience the fun of going on a field trip to level up their learning — albeit virtually!

This app is pretty simple to use. Simply download it here, available for Android and iOS, and create an account using your email address. You can open at least five profiles with one account in the app, which means you can create one profile per child, if you have more than one, for a personalized experience.


One of the places that can be explored virtually using the Similac GainSchool E-xplorers app is the Museo Pambata, with the theme, “Batang Katutubo.” It offers three different kinds of experiences: Musika, Kalikasan, and Kasuotan.

Check out these activities that await your kids when they go on the Museo Pambata virtual field trip using the Similac GainSchool E-xplorers app:

Play indigenous instruments

Three indigenous instruments are featured in the Musika part of the trip: libbit, gangsa, and bangibang. Kids can check out each instrument in 3D, learn where and when each one is usually used, and listen to its sound.

Even better: kids can try “playing” the instruments themselves! Take note that the app has a record feature, so don’t pass up the chance to document how they’ll play each instrument!

Grow and take care of plants

In the Kalikasan activity, children can learn all about Philippine plants such as sampalok, calamansi, Manila palm, lagundi, and makahiya. There’s a part where you’ll be asked to open the camera on your smartphone, which would then allow everyone to see each plant up close and in 3D. Different facts about the plants will be shown, too.


Kids can even “grow” their plants through the Grow A Plant activity! There, they will first be asked to choose which plant they want and to give it a name. Then, they can start watering it, sprinkling it with fertilizer, and giving it the right amount of sunlight by tilting the screen. Finishing one task would give them half a star; completing five stars will tell them that the plants are grown completely!

Take selfies wearing indigenous headdresses

Take the time to learn about the different headdresses used by indigenous groups across the country when you choose the Kasuotan activity — and even take selfies as if you’re wearing them! Six headdresses are featured in this part of the tour: Ulo Di Kang-O, Ifugao Headdress, Suwat, Solang-Solang, Vakul, and S’long Kinibang.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal and daughter Lucia gave the Similac GainSchool E-xplorers app a try themselves, and both of them had fun and learned so much! You can check out their virtual field trip through the app on Bianca's Facebook or Instagram.


In their video review, Bianca and Lucia played all the activities that are part of "Batang Katutubo" with the mom even noting that "Lucia has been super enjoying the Similac GainSchool E-xplorers app."

Lucia took a selfie wearing the Suwat decorative comb worn by T'boli women of Mindanao. The two bopped their heads as they played the bangibang musical instrument, with Bianca excitedly exclaiming, "That's super cool! And you can even record the music you make!" For their last activity, Lucia chose a Manila palm to "plant" in their living room, and the little girl looked so happy as her mom took her picture beside her tree.

At the end of the video, Bianca encouraged parents to download the app. "You can have so much fun with it with your kids!" she said.

Download the Similac GainSchool E-xplorers app now and schedule a virtual tour for your kids! While you’re at it, make sure to prepare their “baon,” including a glass of age-appropriate milk like Similac GainSchool — just like you would in actual field trips!


Partnered with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, Similac GainSchool can help kids step up to their activities at home — from learning in online classes to embarking on trips like the Museo Pambata virtual tour!

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with SIMILAC GAIN SCHOOL.