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  • Ang Init! 5 Fun And Refreshing Ways Para Magpalamig Sa Bahay

    Iwas-sumpong rin sa mga bata!
Ang Init! 5 Fun And Refreshing Ways Para Magpalamig Sa Bahay
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  • Living in a tropical country like ours makes dealing with warm weather a regular occurrence rather than a seasonal one. Sometimes, it can even get so hot that escaping the heat and humidity outdoors by retreating to the comfort of home and turning on the fan or air conditioner doesn’t cut it.

    What else can you do then? Here are some simple pampalamig tips to help you and your family stay cool inside the house — and avoid possible temper tantrums among the kids, too:

    1. Wear loose, lightweight clothes

    Avoid thick and heavy fabrics. Wear loose or flowy, lightweight clothes instead to keep feeling presko as you go about your day. Pick light-colored garments, too, because they absorb less heat than darker-colored ones.

    2. Take a dip in the inflatable pool or batya

    Just because you can’t go to the beach or public pools doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the water anymore. Fill up the inflatable pool, if you have it, or batya and have your own pool party at home! Let your kids have fun with water guns and floaties, too.

    3. Drink plenty of fluids.

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    We already know this, but it never hurts to be reminded every so often: Drinking water regularly is right for you because it quenches thirst and ensures you remain hydrated throughout the day.

    4. Keep cool air blowing with a fan (and a bowl of ice maybe)

    No aircon? No problem! This simple trick lets you experience the same cooling benefits for free: just place a container of ice in front of a fan!

    5. Keep refreshing snacks on hand.

    Icy treats like ice cream, sherbet, and ice pops make for fun treats to help stay cool all day. Kids will surely enjoy these, especially when it comes to light and refreshing fruit flavors. Fill your refrigerator with fruits, yogurt drinks, and fresh milk. Or opt for a delicious and healthy drink that contains all these.

    Dutch Mill, the #1 yoghurt drink in the market, recently introduced a new variant in delightful and refreshing melon flavor. It has the Nu-3-io goodness of cultured yoghurt, fresh milk, and real melon juice, fortified with essential Vitamins B1 and B2 to support mental energy, and calcium for physical energy – so kids are not just protected, they are also alert and masigla. Sulit!

    What's more, Dutch Mill was awarded the #SPSmartMomApproved seal after impressing parents from the Smart Parenting Village and Parent Chat groups, as well as their kids, who mainly gave plus points for the product’s taste and packaging.

    So, make sure to get boxes of yummy and nutritious Dutch Mill melon drink on your next grocery run.

    Follow these easy tricks to help keep every member of the family cool at any time of the year!

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with DUTCH MILL.