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  • Family Fun: Find 6 Words Hidden in These Pictures

    Hidden in every picture are six words. Can you and the kids find them all?
    by SmartParenting Staff .
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  • Remember look-and-find activities where you have to find hidden objects in a picture? Here’s something like it that the whole family can have a little fun solving. Call all the kids!

    Highlights, an activity book magazine for kids printed in the U.S., has put a twist to the classic look-and-find picture puzzles. This time, you have to find words in the picture, not objects! Hidden in the illustrations are whole printed out words, and it’s the viewers job to find six of them. It’s a bit more challenging than the classic look-and-finds but it’s great fun! Preschoolers just starting out to read will enjoy it immensely. 

    Highlights has currently posted five of these 6-word look-and-find puzzles on to their Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ve compiled all of them here for your family’s enjoyment. 

    Remember: look for 6 hidden words in the picture. All the words are related to what's going on in the drawing. We’ve provided clues at the bottom of each if you get stuck. Happy word hunting! 

    Photo from Highlights/Facebook

    1. A 4-letter word hides in dad's glasses
    2. Dad's sitting on this 5-letter word
    3. A 5-letter word starts in mom's hair, travels to her shirt, 2 are on her book and finally ends on her pants.
    4. The tree holds a 5-letter word in its leaves
    5.  A 4-letter word gets comfy in the dog's ears and ends in the girl's orange hair
    6. Comfily lying on the sofa is a 4-letter word residing on the boy's clothes 

    Photo from Highlights/Facebook

    1. A 7-letter word gets splashed around by the bus tires and lands on a polka-dotted orange umbrella
    2. Down the drain goes this 4-letter word
    3. This 6-letter word is on a happy boy's raincoat!
    4. This is a tricky one. A 6-letter word hides in a bush and pretends to be leaves
    5. Up in a tree is this 5-letter word
    6. This 3-letter word keeps a kitty dry

    Photo from Highlights/Facebook

    1. A 5-letter word hangs on the chandelier
    2. A tricky one. A 4-letter word starts as a paint drip, lands on a bucket, a big bucket handle then a small bucket handle
    3. This 6-letter word is violet paint on the floor!
    4. A 5-letter word also starts as a bucket handle and ends with 4 letters on a paint tray
    5. This 6-letter word starts on a red shirt and ends on a shoe!
    6. Another tricky one. The first three letters of this 5-letter word is on the wall, moves to the radio then ends with a blue letter H.

    Photo from Highlights/Facebook

    1.  A 5-letter word is resting on an armchair!
    2. A 5-letter word is stuck in the hairs of a broom
    3. A 6-letter word disguises itself as embellishment for something that hangs on the wall
    4. A 3-letter word hides in the cat's fur!
    5. Don't get tangled in this 4-letter word behind the TV
    6. This 5-letter word has travelled all the way to the kitchen

    Photo from Highlights/Facebook

    1. There's a 3-letter word hiding in leaves of the nearest apple tree
    2. On the same tree, hides a 5-letter word. It's on the tree's trunk
    3. On the fence! This 4-letter word is literally on the fence!
    4. Twined in a girl's hair is this 3-letter word
    5. Riding on barrels that are riding on a truck is this 4-letter word
    6. There are a couple of white shirts in the picture and on one of them is a 4-letter word 

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