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  • Family Weekender Guide: Things to Do this March 2 to 4

    Sales, bazaars, music festivals and more in this edition of our family weekender guide.
  • Watch the retelling of a timeless classic in 3D.

    Beauty & The Beast in 3D

    Through the magic of Disney and the leaps in modern computer animation technology developed at the Walt Disney Animation Studios, a team of artists, under the guidance of stereographer Robert Neuman, found a way to breathe more dimensional life into “Beauty and the Beast” by turning it into an eye-popping 3D experience. For a list of movie showing schedules, visit



    View inspirational poster designs on infinite possibilities.

    Infinite Possibilities

    This March 2 and 3, check out which 100 poster designs were the finalists in the “Infinite Possibilities” Poster Design Contest, on display at the Rose and Peony Rooms of the New World Hotel in Makati. Check out the finalists on the Facebook page of the British Council Philippines. For more details, visit



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