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  • 5 Things Parents Should Know About 'Float', Pixar's Movie With Filipino-American Leads

    The film is coming to Disney's latest streaming service this month!
    by Kitty Elicay .
5 Things Parents Should Know About 'Float', Pixar's Movie With Filipino-American Leads
PHOTO BY @Pixar/Facebook and Screenshot from Pixar via YouTube
  • The long wait is almost over! After announcing it back in January 2019, Float, the first Pixar film to feature Filipino-Americans as main characters will finally be released, and it will premiere on Disney+, Disney’s newest streaming service this November 2019.

    To get us excited, Disney released a minute-long teaser of SparkShorts, a collection of short films by Pixar, on its YouTube channel, which features Float and five other titles. The clips in the teaser don’t reveal much about Float’s plot, but SmartParenting.com.ph did a little digging so we can all know more about this groundbreaking film.

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    5 things parents need to know about Float

    1. Float is a father-son story about acceptance.

    In the teaser, we are introduced to a father and his infant son. After blowing on a dandelion, the baby suddenly floats away from his father’s grasp and flies toward the petals, much to the father’s surprise.


    According to a tweet by Pixar Production Supervisor and Shorts Producer David Lally, the film is about a father discovering his son’s ability to float, which makes him different from the other kids. When his son’s ability becomes public, “Dad must decide whether to run and hide or to accept his son as he is.”

    2. Float is inspired by the director’s own relationship with his child.

    The short film was created, produced, and directed by Filipino-American animator Bobby Rubio, who is working as a Pixar story artist and has contributed to films like Toy Story, The Incredibles 2, Inside Out, and Up.

    When Rubio, who has three kids, was given a chance by Pixar to create his own short film, he decided to base it on his and his son’s personal story. The characters in Float are actually animated versions of himself and his son.

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    Rubio shares in an interview with ABC Action News that he took a “feature-based approach” to make the characters Filipino-American. The father in Float has darker skin and a flatter nose.

    He says, “I know we don’t all look alike, but at the same time, I wanted traits that I had so that it at least felt authentic.”

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    3. Float is a way for Rubio to introduce Filipino-American culture to the world.

    In an interview with San Diego Magazine, Rubio shares that he wants kids to feel inspired and proud of where they’re from when they watch the film. “I want my children to grow up knowing characters can look like them so they don’t feel like the outsider, so they too can believe they can be something. That they can be a hero.”

    Rubio shares on his personal Instagram account that growing up, he didn’t see characters that “looked like me on television or movies.” He adds, “I am thrilled that my children will have these guys and hopefully they are just the beginning and will inspire more Filipino-American stories to come!”


    4. Float might tug at the heartstrings of parents whose children have special needs.

    Though Rubio did not specifically say that it is a film about a special needs child, he tells ABC Action News that the film is “seen as a chance to celebrate children with unique gifts.”

    He also tells San Diego Magazine, “I’m more than willing to talk to the majority about the underrepresented, whether it’s being Filipino-American or being a special needs family if it helps reminds others like me that we aren’t alone.”

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    5. Float will run for seven minutes.

    It is a short film after all! According to Good News Pilipinas, those who have seen the film when it was screened in October at the Disney Hocus Pocus says it is a heartwarming story “filled with emotional roller coaster scenes favored in Filipino dramas.”

    Float will premiere on the Disney+ streaming service app on November 12, 2019, in the United States. No word yet on when the app will come to Philippine shores but we know we’ll be watching it when it finally arrives!

    Watch the full teaser here:

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