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  • How to Create a Fun Play Experience for Kids

    Read on for tips to make play more enjoyable for your child.
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    B+ActiveOf course, the objectives of playtime wouldn’t be achieved if the child does not enjoy it to begin with, which may be brought about by a number of factors. Here are tips on how we could enhance the play experience for our kids:

    1. Assign a suitable area.
    Provide a place that would allow them ample space to move around in and explore. Make sure, too that the place is free from objects that could be potentially dangerous to your kids.

    2. Limit the toys.
    Give them only two to three pieces of toys to play with at a time. You’ll be surprised how kids’ imagination can work more with less.

    3. Feed them beforehand.
    Nobody is ever happy with an empty stomach, moreso if you will engage in some form of physical activity. Opt for carbo-based but light snacks to give them that energy boost they need.

    4. Make sure they are not sleep-deprived.
    The best time to engage them into play is after they’ve taken a nap.

    5. Dress them up accordingly.
    Breathable and lightweight clothes will suit our tropical climate best. A good brand to try is B+Active, which uses only premium grade fabric and non-toxic materials to ensure your child’s utmost comfort and safety.


    B+Active is exclusively manufactured by Indra Garments, Inc., makers of other quality children's apparel brands such as Nitelites, G. Company and All About Kids.

    Remember, it’s not so much what they play with – what’s important is that they do.

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