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  • Iya Villania And Drew Arellano Share Post-Lockdown Plans: 'We Can’t Wait For Our Next Family Trip'

    The couple also shares practical tips when traveling with kids.
Iya Villania And Drew Arellano Share Post-Lockdown Plans: 'We Can’t Wait For Our Next Family Trip'
  • Like most moms and dads, Iya Villania and Drew Arellano have been diligently following social distancing measures in their home’s safety and only going out when they need to.

    In an interview with Smart Parenting, Iya and Drew shared that in the months that passed since the quarantine began, they already learned to look at what they call the “silver lining” in this situation: “[We are] enjoying the time spent together [with our kids] to strengthen connections.”

    At home, the family spends their time painting on the glass window, swimming, and baking.

    Of course, the Arellanos already miss being outdoors to do things they enjoy, such as visiting Sunday markets, malls, and hotels; eating out with their entire family; and going for walks to see dogs and other animals being walked by their owners.

    Most of all, they miss traveling.

    The couple said: “[The] biggest challenge is wanting to give [our children] whatever outdoor experience we can without risking them getting sick. Especially toddlers who can’t quite understand the gravity of the sickness and can easily make the mistake of touching areas that may possibly be contaminated.”

    As with the rest of us, Iya and Drew can't wait for the day when it is safe to go out again. And they’ve already planned one of the things their family will do first, post-lockdown

    “[We will] definitely enjoy a trip out of town or out of the country!” the couple shares.

    To accompany the Arellanos in their future out-of-town trips is the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. It ticks all the boxes of what they look for in a family car: spacious enough to accommodate the family’s belongings, comfortable for their children, and reasonably priced.

    “We love the space [in the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross], especially the cargo space in the back! Also, Xpander’s height gives us peace of mind when rainy or flood season is around,” Iya and Drew shared.

    “It is also easy to keep the kids entertained when they can be comfortable and happily enjoy the scenery. Definitely value for money,” the couple added.

    On a final note, Iya and Drew share these practical tips to fellow moms and dads who, like them, look forward to taking their kids on safe outdoor trips in the future:

    • Research your destination and familiarize yourself with what the kids can do there.
    • Always bring lots of snacks.
    • Bring extra clothes and medicines that kids may need, like an antihistamine.
    • Have a pee bag on hand if you’re stuck in traffic, and someone needs to go to the toilet.
    • Don’t fill up the car with too much stuff that passengers don’t have room to move. Make sure everyone’s leg space is free of bags.
    • Be ready with books, activity pads, tablets, or other sources of entertainment for the kids.

    For more information about the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross, visit Mitsubishi Motors Philippines’ official website. You may also follow Mitsubishi Motors Philippines on Facebook.

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