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  • 5 Ways To Give Kids The Time Of Their Lives Even At Home

    Make learning fun and enjoyable for the kids.
5 Ways To Give Kids The Time Of Their Lives Even At Home
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  • Parents need boredom busters with the kids at home. You want the children to be productive and continue enhancing their skills, and that’s why extra-curricular activities are helpful. It is challenging now, however, because people are advised to stay at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    The good news is there are many different and easy ways to help kids learn and enhance their talents without spending for a workshop or class. Try these learning activities at home and get to bond with them while you’re at it.

    1. Supplement learning with printable worksheets, e-books, and audiobooks

    Printable worksheets are handy practice aids parents can use to help their children stay on top of their game in school. It can even help preschoolers develop fine motor skills, too!

    There are thousands of worksheets available online for every age and level, ranging from traditional subjects like math, language, reading and writing, and science to activities like puzzles and crafts. Check out where to find printable worksheets here and here, and get ready to learn together with your child.

    Apart from worksheets, parents can also use e-books and audiobooks, which can be downloaded for free or for a fee from the internet. These tools are great for storytelling, with parents re-enacting the scenes themselves.

    2. Let your kids engage in pretend play

    Ever seen your child play lutu-lutuan with toy pots and leaves or do a checkup on her “sick” teddy bear with a toy stethoscope? Imaginative or pretend play does more than just entertain kids as it is said to help develop many areas of growth, including cognitive, and problem-solving and creativity.

    Provide them with props like old clothes, dolls, stuffed animals, and DIY tools made of cardboard for their chosen character. If they’re playing house, you can even let them do simple household chores with their mini-sized tools like brooms and rags!

    3. Set up art classes

    Like pretend play, art also plays a crucial role in child development. Set up a mini art class in the living room (don’t forget to line the floor with newspaper to prevent too much mess) and prepare tools like paints, brushes, markers, canvas, and paper. You can even let kids use their hands, too!

    Instruct your kids to paint a picture of their favorite animal, place, or food. You can also encourage them to have fun with abstract painting as a way to express themselves or to create a self-portrait to help them explore their identities.

    4. Let them learn a musical instrument

    Learning how to play a musical instrument “provides a full brain workout,” according to a clinical neuropsychologist, and can even give children an edge in subjects like Math and English, as one study has found. That being said, start your kids young and provide them with the freedom to choose what instrument or music to learn.

    If you’re not musically inclined yourself, you can look up online kid-friendly music video tutorials that you and your child can easily follow.

    5. Attend workout classes together

    Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t engage your children in physical activities! Make sure they get to remain active even at home by including simple exercise and workout sessions in their schedule. Many online video sharing platforms house various kiddie workout videos your children (and yourself!) can easily follow.

    Learn the recommended activities as well as the length of time for your child’s age by reading the World Health Organization’s guidelines on physical activity.

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    Remember: just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean the fun and learning stops!

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