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  • Mom Shares 3 Activities To Make Learning Fun At Home 

    The materials she uses can be found at home!
Mom Shares 3 Activities To Make Learning Fun At Home 
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  • One of the perks of staying at home is parents get to spend more quality time with their kids, whether at play or during online schooling at home. Nothing beats this time of getting to know them better.

    By now, though, you’re probably thinking you’ve done all the activities you can think of, and you need more ideas. Thankfully, we have a mom from the Smart Parenting Mom Network to give us inspiration.

    A work-at-home mom of two, Isabel Dizon is the mom blogger behind the MommyBudgetarian.com. She uses her own interest in arts and crafts to make learning fun at home and to encourage her daughters to be creative during this time.

    When asked if her kids are also into art, Isabel shared how her 10-year-old daughter likes cultivating school activities. “Jai, my eldest daughter, loves music and art. I also saw her interest in cooking.”

    To support her daughters’ interests, Isabel came up with educational activities and games that use her children’s creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. And because she practices what she preaches, this Mommy Budgetarian also made it a point to use budget-friendly materials for these activities.

    “These learning activities for kids are so entertaining. [The children] may not even realize how educational they are. Even better, the activities are low prep, easy to clean up, and mostly involve common items you can find around the house — perfect for ‘budgetarian’ moms like me,” Isabel said.

    Check out Isabel’s recommended fun and educational activities you can try at home with your kids:

    Indoor Finding Game

    According to Isabel, this activity will teach kids patience and independence as they learn to find things on their own. Depending on the clues you make, this game can also help them learn math and other similar subjects.

    Photo by Isabel Dizon.

    Materials: Paper, pen, prize (can be your child’s favorite snack)

    Player/s: 1


    1. Make a list of items your child needs to find in the house (for example, the baking tools you’ll need to bake her favorite cookies).
    2. Put together a series of clues that would lead to a grand prize. Clues can be school-related, such as a math problem that needs to be solved correctly to get the next clue.

    Bottle Cap Multiplication Family Game

    Isabel said this activity has helped her daughter learn the multiplication table without frustration. “My daughter doesn’t like math, so I decided to make a fun, learning activity that she will love and enjoy,” she explained.

    Photo by Isabel Dizon.

    Materials: Permanent marker, masking tape, bottle caps

    Player/s: 2 or more


    1. Tear small pieces of masking tape and divide these pieces into two sets.
    2. Write the multiplication problems on the first set and put them on the bottle caps’ top part.
    3. Then, write the answers on the second set and put these on the underside of the caps.
    4. If a child answers the problem correctly, he/she gets to keep the bottle cap. The player with the most number of caps wins.

    Sight Word Puzzles

    Lastly, this activity will help kids practice reading, vocabulary, and spelling. Make sure to define the completed words and use them in sentences!

    Photo by Isabel Dizon.

    Materials: Permanent marker, colored popsicle sticks

    Player/s: 2 or more


    1. Pair the popsicle sticks per color and lay one stick on top of the other.
    2. Write down a word across a pair of sticks. Make sure to write the letters from the top popsicle stick down to the bottom popsicle stick so that when you separate the sticks, the word is split in half.
    3. Mix up all the popsicle sticks on the floor or table, then let your kids match the sticks to form the words.

    Isabel said that by doing these activities, her daughters don’t just learn and have fun, but they also feel accomplished and fulfilled. “Parents should encourage their kids to express their creativity. It helps boost their self-confidence.”

    She also said that when kids are creative, they can invent new ways of thinking, which extend beyond the craft room.

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